The causes of persecution

Unfortunately, there are groups of believers who persecute other believers simply because they maintain different doctrines or interpretations of the Bible. This is not biblical behavior. They persecute and attempt to exert religious authority out of greed and jealousy. Sometimes they persecute because the targets of their persecution know something the persecutors do not know. They also persecute out of fear that their lies, ignorance, and evil deeds will be exposed. Their envy and hate lead them to try and destroy others instead of repenting of their sins. These sorts of actions are not from God, but from Satan.

God would be happy and would bless his people if they were to return from the dead by repenting of their sins. But according to Hos 4:6, God’s people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. Because they do not understand the Bible, they do not even know they are acting on behalf of Satan. They are ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

The sowing of Satan’s seed is the teaching of lies (Mt 13:25; Mt 13:39). Persecution is also an act of Satan. Pastors involved in the conversion education programs in Korea deceive the family members of people who believe the Bible differently than they do. These pastors trick these families into believing that handcuffing, gagging, and locking up their loved ones is the only way. To add insult to injury, the conversion education pastors charge excessive fees for their indoctrination sessions and when the so-called education does not work they convince the family members to commit their loved ones to mental hospitals. They have encouraged divorce, forced people to drop out of school or quit work. And in at least one case, the family was tricked into beating his wife to death for fear of losing her to Satan. In every case, though, the conversion education pastors put the blame on the family members themselves. Are these the actions of God-fearing Christians? Are these people following the teachings of Jesus? No! These are the actions of Satan.

Anyone who, after learning the truth about the conversion education programs going on in Korea, still has trouble discerning whether these persecutors belong to God or to Satan must have a dead spirit. When we do not have God’s words in our hearts, there is no way we can overcome such evil doers. We must overcome with the words of the Bible because those who overcome become the sons of God and the people of heaven (Rv 7;Rv 15:2-5; Rv 21:7).

All believers who hope for eternal life should put on the full armor of the word of God and overcome the temptation of evil (Eph 6:10-17; Rom 12:21).