Spiritual seeds, trees, and birds

There are many different kinds of seeds and trees in the world, as well as numerous species of birds. Yet spiritually speaking, there are only two categories. We should carefully consider the two kinds of spiritual seeds, trees, and birds because they hide deep spiritual truths.

God and Jesus gave us parables about seeds, trees, and birds to teach us spiritual truths (Mt 13:31-32). These parables explain unseen spiritual entities using the qualities of their physical counterparts. Although Jesus spoke figuratively, he promised to send the spirit of truth (Jn 14:16-17Jn 15:26) in the future to help us understand everything clearly (Jn 16:25). Roughly 2,000 years after Jesus promised this, the spirit of truth came in the name of the Lord. After the counselor (holy spirit) fought and overcame the enemies of God (Rv 12), he establishes New Spiritual Israel according to prophecy. The one in whom the spirit of truth dwells becomes the one who overcomes and the promised shepherd who establishes the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom—Shinchonji Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rv 7; Rv 10; Rv 15:2-5Rv 21:1-7). Shinchonji is the holy city of truth (Zec 8:3Rv 3:12; Rv 14) and the one and only tree of life (Rv 22:1-2).

Since the seed is the word of God (Lk 8:11) and the word of God is life (Jn 1:4), God’s word is the seed of life. The field where the seed is sown represents a person’s heart (1 Cor 3:91 Cor 3:16) and the tree represents the inner person that grows from the seed of the word (Is 5:7Dn 4:20-22Jn 15:1-5). The bird that comes to perch on this tree is the spirit that comes to dwell within a person born of the seed (Mt 3:16).

Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a tree. When a tree grows from God’s seed and becomes mature, with birds perching in it’s branches, it can be figuratively called heaven (Mt 13:24Mt 13:31-32). The seed of life (i.e., God’s word) is not sown soil, dirt, or even in animals. God’s word should be planted in the hearts of men (Lk 8:15). If the seed of life is sown in a good field (heart), a tree of life will certainly grow. The tree of life described in Revelation has 12 branches as well as many leaves and fruit (Rv 22:1-2). The fruit of the tree of life becomes food for many. Those who eat of it gain eternal life (Gn 3:22). When we become dwelling places for God, we become one with God’s holy spirit. A tree that grows from God’s seed and that has God’s birds perching in its branches is heaven because heaven is where God is (Mt 13:31-32). The seed (word) is the key to becoming a mature tree where the spirit of God can dwell. This also means the seed (word) is the key to heaven (Mt 13:3-11Mk 4:10-20Lk 8:4-15).

At his first coming, Jesus was the one born of God’s seed (Mt 1:20) and the one to whom the holy spirit came (Mt 3:16). This made Jesus the tree of life and the kingdom of heaven (Jn 15:1Jn 14:6Mt 4:17). At the same time, the Pharisees, whom Jesus referred to as serpents, were the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They were not from God; they were weeds instead of wheat. The Bible describes the king of Babylon as the home of evil spirits and lies. The Old Testament compares him to a tree with branches full of birds, but his birds are clearly not the same as the birds in Mt 13:32 that perch in the tree of heaven. The words of the king of Babylon differed from God’s words of truth and were therefore the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Just as the events that took place in the Garden of Eden in Genesis took place again at the time of Jesus’ first coming, they must take place again at the time of his second coming. When Revelation is fulfilled, people still do not know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven because they are ignorant of the spiritual meaning of God’s words. People who do not know the true meaning of the Bible’s figurative language cannot have their sins forgiven (Mk 4:10-13). People who are ignorant of the truth have spirits as dark as night (Jn 1:4-5). No one living in darkness can see or know the fulfillment of Revelation. These things will come to pass in the last days. Those who refuse to hear and believe in them cannot receive salvation. Instead, they will become fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The saints of Shinchonji, on the other hand, become trees of life and the kingdom of heaven just like Jesus. We can only do this if we are born again of the seed of life and if the holy spirit comes and dwells within us. Spiritually speaking, the last days of the religious world are as dark as night because God’s elect—people who were once referred to as the sun, moon, and stars in heaven (Gn 37:9-11)—grow dark and fall. At that time, no one can claim to be orthodox, nor can anyone claim to have received the holy spirit. These are simply lies. It is only by receiving the revelation from the one who has eaten the open scroll from God’s angel (Rv 10) that we can master God’s word. It is only through the testimony about the physical fulfillment of Revelation that we can become trees of life.

At the time of Jesus’ second coming, the members of the 12 tribes of Shinchonji are the people who have heard this revelation through the promised pastor. Shinchonji has become the organization of the tree of life—branches, leaves, fruit, and all (Rv 7; Rv 14:1-5; Rv 21; Rv 22:1-2). God is the origin of life and of the seed. God is also the origin of faith and of love. The saints of Shinchonji are the people of God born again of God’s seed of life. We must now take full responsibility for the healing of all nations through true faith and true love.

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool