The Second Coming of the Lord, like the time of Noah and Lot

Main reference: Mt 24, Lk 17

What is the day of Jesus’ Second Coming which is like the days of Noah and Lot?

Noah is the 9th generation descendant of Adam. That era was a period when all mankind were destroyed by the flood, but only 8 people —Noah and his three sons together with their wives—were saved (Gn 6:13-22, 7:11-24, 1 Pt 3:20). Lot is the 11th generation descendant of Noah and the nephew of Abraham who is the 10th generation descendant of Noah. In the days of Lot, a city was destroyed by fire and only 3 people—who are Lot and his family—were saved (Rv 19).

It was the generation of Adam who were destroyed in the days of Noah (Gn 6 and 7) because of their sin; and also, it was sin that led to destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Rv 18, Rv 19).

Jesus doubted that he would find faith on earth when he comes (at the Second Coming) (Lk 18:8). Apostle Paul said the Lord would come after the sequence of events of betrayal and destruction. (1 Thes 2:1-4) In Mt 24:29-31, the Lord will come after the temple of Jerusalem is destroyed, as if the sun, moon and stars of heaven are darkened and fall down to the earth. And as written in Rv 13, the saints of God’s tabernacle will be destroyed by the group of the dragon, receive the mark of the beast of the dragon, and worship them. These are the events of Jesus’s Second Coming, which is the end of Spiritual Israel which has existed since the time of Jesus’ First Coming. He has warned us that there will be an event like the days of Noah (Mt 24:37-39, Lk 17:26-30).

Jesus who came as the light (Jn 12:46) said that it is day when he is in the world; however the night will come when Jesus leaves. (Jn 9:4) After Jesus left, the Catholic Church was established in the name of Jesus. However, its corruption caused the Protestants to appear. Not only that, hundreds of religious groups have appeared in this world claiming to believe in God. It is said approximately 80% of ongoing wars in the world are caused by religious conflict between these religious groups.

Can it be said the world is less sinful today than in the days of Noah and Lot? In the days of Noah, all people were destroyed. And in the days of Lot, an entire city was destroyed. If we look upon the world today, there are more than enough weapons to destroy the two mentioned above. However, can it be said that believers or nonbelievers are more righteous than the people in the days of Noah and Lot? They seem to be more sinful and less faithful than those who lived in the days of Noah and Lot. Isn’t it a reality that both the world of religion and politics see evil as righteous and righteous as evil? Because many religious leaders are politically involved, and many politicians are religious as well, they won’t believe nor be afraid even if God and Jesus come. This is the reality. When all nations of the world believe in the truth except Korea, Korea like the city of the days of Lot will only be destroyed. Who will they blame? It will be a mistake for those who have chosen evil, not believing in the righteous.

In the days of Noah and Lot, the price that people paid for not listening to the word was destruction. If God, Jesus and the kingdom of heaven come to Korea, Korea will be God’s kingdom of heaven. However, if the people of Korea do not receive this fact, the kingdom of God will be taken away from them and be given to another country with faith just as it is recorded in Matthew 21:33-43. This is attributable to the sins of unrighteous of religious leaders and politicians.

As seen in the Peace Summit held last year, the participants including politicians, chief justices, representatives of many different organizations and religious leaders from all over the world believed and signed the agreement for the cessation of war and world peace before God and all people. However, Korea still indulges in persecution and mockery as in the days of Noah and Lot.

The New Testament Bible is the promise of Almighty God. If people of Korea believe and repent like the people of Nineveh (Jon 1 ~ 4), God will undo the punishment. For this reason, I proclaim to all people to “repent for the kingdom of heaven is near” as Noah and Lot did. We should not disregard the promised word in the New Testament. As all the promises have been fulfilled according to the promised word in the past, the New Testament will also be fulfilled today according to the promised word in the New Testament (Isa 14:24).

Not believing in what had happened in the past and ignoring a person [who fulfills the prophecies] is equivalent to ignoring God and His promised word rather than a person. If the leaders who take advantage of their authorities by relying on the number of their followers, and rule unfairly and govern partially, they will never be forgiven by God.

There has been a work of God in every generation. Whenever there is a work of God, there has never been a time when traditional believers receive God at once or did not persecute. We can confirm‍ such reality in Acts 7:51-53. The Korean government should not be one-sided, but be in a neutral position regarding religious matters as we are all the same citizens of the country.

If there had been a peace summit that was acknowledged by all people of the world, Korean leaders would probably have boasted about the summit so that the whole world would have known it. However, it seems that we cannot talk about it at all as it is blocked by religious influenced authorities. When the peace delegation from Korea and I had journeyed to the countries around the world as peace advocates, the police escorted us with a bulletproof vehicle and made sure of our safety. On the other hand at the peace summit in Korea last year, although former and current presidents, justices of the Supreme Court, religious leaders, women and youth from around the world came to our country, the government or leaders of organizations or religious leaders of Korea didn’t even bother to notice them nor greet them. Our country is very small, and it is divided into north and south; and its division came from different ideologies. It is the country that experienced the tragedy of fratricidal war. Is this something to be proud of to the world? We should examine ourselves in the eyes and minds of the world. If politicians and believers in Korea reflect and repent of their actions, our country will be the kingdom of priests out of all nations and will be called the country of peace, heaven, which God is with.

If people only loved power and money without knowing the meaning of the Bible and God’s will, they would be distanced from God. The New Testament of the Bible is fulfilled according to the promises. At the time of judgment, people will be judged according to what they had done as recorded in the Bible (Rv 20:12). 

God will fulfill the New Testament as promised and enter the Sabbath rest. This is the time to seize Satan who is the evil, and throw evildoers into the lake of fire. This is the time of the new world that God reigns.