Shincheonji-The Immortal Kingdom of Heaven & Mortal World

The world is mortal. The universe is immortal and the angels of Heaven are immortal as well, but all the living creatures come to be and then disappear like the petals of a flower (Ps 103:15). A world in which living things die in regret, lament, tears, and agony, just as plants vanish, leaving seeds, and animals come and pass away leaving seeds as well, is a mortal world isn’t it? Life is like a dream which when awakened from leaves you empty. All die, leaving their properties and power behind. In the long history of the world, nothing has ever been everlasting and life has not been eternal.

Jesus, whom God the Creator was with, came to this world. He possessed no house and had no money, and shared the pleasures and pains of life with beggars and sinners (Mt 9:9~13). Jesus healed their pains and illnesses, taught them with words of life, gave his life away on the cross, and only his soul was lifted up to heaven (Mt 27). Why did he depart? Was it because heaven was a paradise, which had only love and joy, without death and pain? Or was it because he couldn’t stay in such an evil world?

The teaching of God and Jesus was a lesson on how to live; to give forgiveness, love, and even life, and Jesus practiced all these teachings himself (Mt 22:35~40, Jn 13:34, Lk 17:3~4, 1Jn 3:14~16, Phil 2:5~8).

However, his teachings can no longer be found in this world. On the contrary, lies, persecutions and curses are widespread within the internet cafes. Are they God’s Commands or the malicious slander of the devil? There is no forgiveness, love or blessings found there. Would God, Jesus and his disciples like to stay in such a world as this? For how long should living beings in this world pass away by death in such agony? Both God and Jesus know this world of pain.

Prince Sukkamoni asked God about four different feelings of anguish in this life (birth, aging, sickness, and death) and recorded the answer he received from heaven in the Tripitaka Koreana. But there has been no Buddhist since, who has taken notice of the instruction therein, by which he also prophesied Jesus’ coming; that his teaching might be an extinguished lamp when Christ comes.

Even though the future events are recorded in the book of Revelation, no one has known the truth. Just like the Buddhists of today, who only believe in their chief priests’ words, and not in Sukkamoni’s word – even though they have faith in him, Christians also only believe in the word of their pastors and denominations, not in the words of God and Jesus.

True faith is to believe in and keep the Word of God. The world is mortal, but God’s Word is eternal (Mt 24:35) and immortal. If I have God’s Word within me, it means that God is with me and I will become His offspring because His Word is the seed of life, His Spirit, and God himself. (Lk 8:11, Jn 1:1~4, Jn 10:35, Acts 17:29)

The prophecy of the New Testament is to create the kingdom of God by gathering His offspring when He returns(Rv 7), and capturing and imprisoning the devil into the Abyss for the first time in 6,000 years (Rv 20:2~3).

A 1000-year kingdom (millennial kingdom), a paradise without agony, sickness or death, which is a union of the Spirit and flesh, will be fulfilled (Rv 20:4~6, Rv 21:1~4). The millennial kingdom is a world without mortality, and its residents are God’s offspring, who have the eternal Word dwelling within them. This is the prophecy of the New Testament, the covenant of God.

The law of heaven is love (1Jn 4:7~21). Like God and Jesus, let us love our neighbors as ourselves (refer to Mt 22:35~40, Mk 12:28~33) and let us become saints of love and true priests, who are partakers with our neighbors in poverty and pain. Jesus gave himself up to save a nation and people. Like him, let us offer ourselves as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1), serving and giving love for the Kingdom of God.