Shincheonji-True religion and its founder

What is religion? Who created it? Who is the founder of religion? Who speaks and who listens? Why is the word in the beginning referred to as the way?
1. What is religion?
Religion is the highest of all teachings. The characters used to write the word religion in Chinese have an interesting meaning: “Look to the sky to learn how to be dutiful to your heavenly father.”
2. Who created religion?
God, the divine spirit, created religion (Jn 1:1-5).
3. Who is the founder of religion?
God the creator founded religion. In an effort to make himself known to the ignorant (Hos 6:6), God chose the prophets and apostles to record the Bible (2 Pt 1:21; Gal 1:11-12). Thus, the Bible is a divine book authored by God (2 Tm 3:16). If people want to know the only true God, they must follow the religion founded by the only true God. No one who has received the teachings from above or has learned what true religion is can found his or her own religion. Any person who does such a thing is a heretic.
4. Who has given religion and who has received it?
God has given religion to sinners (Jn 3:16; 1 Jn 1:1-10).
5. The word in the beginning that is the way
Jesus, who served God in him, stated, I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6).
6. Nature of God
God is a self-existent, divine spirit (Ex 3:13-15; Jn 4:24).
7. Denominations and their names
The Bible is comprised of the Old and New Testaments (Jer 31:31-32; Heb 8:7-13)—Moses’ Law and Jesus’ law of liberty (Jn 1:17; Jas 2:12). The Bible also includes the name of a promised denomination.
Churches whose names are not promised in either the Old or New Testaments are not acting according to the Bible. Because we are living in the time of the New Testament, in order for a denomination to be orthodox its name must have been promised in the New Testament. Again, only denominations promised in the Bible can be orthodox; denominations not promised in the Bible cannot be orthodox. The name of a denomination, thus, determines whether its people are inside or outside God’s holy city. The two groups in Rv 20 and 22 reveal how this works.
The Presbyterian Church of Calvin started off on the wrong path because their name is not recorded in the Bible. In addition, their name reveals that Calvin is the founder of their denomination. Predestination, which is the primary doctrine of the Presbyterian church, is one of Calvin’s teachings. Shinchonji Church of Jesus, in contrast, was founded by Jesus and its teachings are Jesus’ teachings.
8. Conversion
Conversion is the act of changing one’s religion. According to the previous section, if a person wants to convert his or her religion, how can they do it according to the Bible?
People who are outside the holy city should come inside. They must move from their man-made denominations to the denomination promised in the Bible. They must learn Jesus’ teachings and throw away Calvin’s doctrine of predestination. Coming to Jesus from Calvin is the way to reach God—the true way to attain salvation. The Presbyterian Church teaches the traditions of its elders (Mt 15), but Shinchonji Church of Jesus teaches only the revealed words and commandments of God (Rv 10). Which one do you think is truly biblical from God’s point of view?
9. The traditions of the Presbyterian Church of Calvin
It has been said that Calvin recklessly slaughtered people in Geneva when they refused to accept his doctrine of predestination. Having received the traditions of Calvin, Reverend Jin and several other pastors have been acting scandalously in the name of conversion education. Acting as pastors of the Presbyterian Church, they have been provoking family conflict in an effort to convert people to their denomination. They will do anything to fulfill their objectives. Their thoughtless actions have even led to a murder. A woman named Mrs. Kim was killed with a hammer by her ex-husband after he consulted with the conversion educators. Where does the New Testament allow the murder of those who refuse to convert? This case of physical murder is bad enough, but the hundreds of cases of spiritual murder committed by these pastors are also serious crimes.
10. The foundation of Christian Council of Korea
According to a document from the Korean Christian Press, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) was founded out of a previous organization of conservative Christians. Mr. Kim, who was a former Korean politician, formed the organization to mobilize conservative forces in support of a third term for Korean president Park Chung-hee during his military dictatorship. Hence, the original purpose of the CCK, which was established by Korean Presbyterian churches, was political not religious. Since this revelation by the Korean Christian Press it is inappropriate for the CCK to include the word “Christian” in the name of their organization. The CCK cannot claim to be orthodox. During the Japanese colonization of Korea, Korean Presbyterian Churches bowed down to the Japanese emperor (a gentile god) prior to their worship services. Why would God grant salvation to a group that sinned against him during the Japanese occupation? Aren’t they the greatest of all heretics? Why should anyone convert to the denomination of a murderer? Any pastor who confines a perfectly sane believer to a mental institute must side with the devil of mental illness. Even MBC is guilty because they believed the words of this pastor and broadcast lies about SCJ. Their sins can only be washed away if they repent and broadcast the truth about SCJ.
You will be unable to find the word of God wherever you go (Am 8:11-13). We would, however, like you to know that SCJ Church of Jesus is the only place that has mastered the Bible.