Shincheonji-The Greatest Truth among All Mankind

The new kingdom promised in the New Testament: Shincheonji, New Heaven New Earth (Rv 21:1-7)

The promised pastor, ‘the one who overcomes’: God’s new kingdom and Salvation (Rv 2, 3, 12)

Whoever does not belong to the 12 tribes, the promised new kingdom: The kingdom of the world (Rv 22:14-15)

‘The first heaven and the first earth’, which has not been born again like Shincheonji: Destruction (Rv 21:1). The pastors of the churches that do not have the revealed word and the words of the world: Pastors of the world and different gospel (Gal 1:8-9).

Apart from those who have received the word of the revelation of the New Testament: They cannot attain salvation, heaven or God. (Rv 3, 10)

Those who have added to or taken away from revelation of the New Testament: Unable to go to heaven and will be condemned (Rv 22:18-19).

Anyone who hears the word of revelation from the opened scroll and does not take to heart: End up in hell (refer to Rv 10).

Zion Theology of Shincheonji, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony: The greatest truth of all mankind (refer to Rv 21, 15, 14, Jn 14 ~ 16).

Teachings that are not of Zion Theology: Teachings of the worldly theology.

See! The firstfruits that have been harvested and sealed! (Rv 14:1-6)

Whoever has not been harvested: Weeds, the children of the devil (Mt 13:37-39).

Whoever has not been harvested and sealed: Belongs to Babylon (refer to Rv 17).

The message of God is being proclaimed to people, but they refuse to hear and believe just like the days of Noah and Lot (Lk 17).

The New Testament has been fulfilled! (Rv 21:6)

Shincheonji has testified the word and everything we have seen! (Rv 1:1-3)

Instead of looking at the person, examine yourself according to the words of the Bible. Have you believed and acted in accordance to what the Bible commands?

Will you be able to stand against those very words that will judge you? (Rv 20:12, 15)

This is the Word of God.