Shincheonji-Promised Pastors of the Old and New Testament

1. The Prophecy of the Old Testament and the promised pastor.

In the Old Testament Malachi chapter 3 verse 1, God promised (prophesied) to send his messenger who would prepare the way before him and the Lord whom they were seeking will come to his temple. He also gave birth to his son, gave him his inheritance and the iron scepter, warned all people to be wise, and to kiss the son (Ps 2:7-12). The promised son was born in Bethlehem (Mi 5:2) and was born by a virgin (Is 7:14). It was promised that he would bear the cross for the atonement of people’s sins (Ps 40-41), and bring salvation, and to plant the seed of the gospel of heaven (Jer 31:27).

Approximately 600-700 years after the time of this prophecy (Jer 31:22), the promised son was born according to the prophecy. God was with him and he fulfilled all the prophecies of the Old Testament (Jn 19:30). He overcame the world (Jn 16:33), established the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel after ending physical Israel and Moses’s Law, and promised to come back to harvest the good seeds he had sown (Mt 13:30, 36-43). This is the New Testament promised to us today.

2. The promised pastor of the New Testament

We should not look at the work of Jesus’ First and Second Coming (the accomplishments within of the Old and New Testaments) by the mean and heart of disloyal servants, but we should carefully consider it about who provided the promised word and whom it was given to with the righteous heart that believes in the promise itself.

Firstly, God started the work of the seven lampstands who prepared the way allowing Jesus to fulfill the prophecy (Rv 1:12-20). He made possible for the one who overcomes to be born from the woman (Rv 12), and appointed him as his son who will receive his inheritance (Rv 21:7). Jesus opened the sealed scroll of prophecy and gave it to the one who overcomes to eat (Old Testament: Is 29:9-14; Hb 2:2-3; Ez 1, 2, 3; Mt 15:24 / New Testament: Rv 5, 6, 8, 10) and then to prophesy again to the chosen people (many peoples, nations, languages and kings: Rv 10:11, 13:7). According to Revelation chapter 2 and 3, Jesus gave the one who overcomes the food of eternal life, the stone of judgment, and the iron scepter just as God gave it to Jesus previously. God also made him to be his temple where the Holy City, New Jerusalem, can dwell upon, giving him the right to sit with Jesus on Jesus’ throne just as Jesus had overcome and sat with his Father on his throne.

Just Like Jesus who had overcome the world, ended the Law, the prophecy, prophets (Lk 16:16), and established the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel in his First Coming, the one who overcomes also finishes the prophecy and the prophets and established the 12 tribes of the new spiritual Israel in today’s time (Rv 12, 7).

As Jesus had planted the seed of heavenly gospel (Mt 13) according to the prophecy of the Old Testament (Jer 31:27), at today’s time, the one who overcomes came like a thief, harvested and sealed the people, and created the 12 tribes of God’s kingdom (Mt 24:29-31; 1Thes 5:1-11) in accordance to the prophecies in the New Testament. As Jesus had preached that the kingdom of heaven was near (Mt 4:17), today the chosen pastor, the one who overcomes, has also been preaching that the kingdom of heaven is near (Lk 13:28-30).

Let us believe in what has been fulfilled according to the Bible by examining and acknowledging the work of God, the prophecies, and the fulfillment at the time of Jesus’ First and Second Coming with the scripture. If you do not understand the Bible even though you read it, that itself is a serious affliction in life of faith, and it is a big sin.

Jesus’ blood purchased those whom Jesus made a new covenant with at his First Coming (Mt 26:26-29). He has chosen them as God’s kingdom and priests of the 12 tribes in his Second Coming (Rv 5:9-10, Rv 7, Rv 14). God is creating the heavenly people, the great multitude dressed in white robes by cleaning their sins with Jesus’ blood. Those who believe in the promise and the prophecy of the Bible, can confirm‍‍, believe and reach salvation. Let us learn the promised new song, and become the promised people of kingdom of heaven (Rv 14:1-5).