Light of Life, the Culture of Heaven

Chairman Lee, a descendant of the Korean royal family, who was sent from heaven as the light of love — Who is he?

Born to a poor peasant family on September 15, 1931, he was given a name meaning “light”. Why was he given such a name? Before his birth, in a dream his grandfather saw the ray of strong light separating the dark sky and descending upon the mother of his grandson. Having had this extraordinary dream, his grandfather decided to name his grandson “light” before birth.

The creator, God was the light of life according to the scriptures (Jn 1:1-4). His son, Jesus, was also the light of life (1Jn 1:1-2; Jn 12:46). The light that came from heaven was the word of life that was granted to all mankind (Jn 1:1-4). It is the light of true love that provides the everlasting life to all creations just like the light, rain and air from the heaven.

The light from heaven is the heavenly culture that gives life to all things. This is the unchangeable culture that created all things in heaven and on earth. The only possible means to renew and heal the tainted creatures is the light of true love, the culture of heaven. Within this culture of heaven dwells the divine being of the creator, the Holy Spirit. The one who knows the foundation of the creation of heaven and earth is the creator and the Holy Spirit of the creator knows even the deep things (the secret) of heaven and earth (1Cor 2:10). This is the culture of heaven.

The new era, the era of Shincheonji (i.e. New Heaven and New Earth), is created through the culture of heaven. Let’s bring peace and restoration of light to ourselves and to the world through the culture of heaven. The one who can accomplish this is the person of the culture of heaven, who has seen and heard what was in heaven and who has received commands from above.

Let’s examine some of the great figures and their accomplishment throughout the 6,000 years of the biblical history.

The promises and the work of creation were carried out by the only true God. The ones who testified about God’s promises and creation were the people chosen by heaven. Adam was the first man (the chosen person, the chosen pastor). Noah, Moses and Jesus were also chosen by heaven afterwards. Siddhartha and Confucius prophesied about the coming of Jesus. Who, then, is the pastor whom God has promised through Jesus and his 12 disciples in the New Testament? Jesus has prophesied that he would put this promised pastor in charge of all his possessions (Mt 24:45-47). The pastor promised in the New Testament is the one who overcomes in the battle against Satan and its pastors with the truth (Rv 2 ~ 3, 12). God renews the world through the one who overcomes. All creations have been waiting eagerly (Rom 8) for the one who overcomes to appear (Rv 21:7). This is because the one who overcomes liberates and renews them.

That which enables the one to overcome and renew the creation is the culture of heaven. On March 1, 1919, 33 Korean representatives proclaimed the Declaration of Korean Independence. Within the Declaration there is this statement: “The culture of the New Heaven and New Earth will renew the whole world!” This declaration can be fulfilled only through the culture of heaven. The Holy Spirit, the divine being of heaven, resides in this culture of heaven. This spirit enters into the people who accept the culture of heaven and it can renew them. This is the capability of the culture. The wisdom residing in the culture of heaven is living and active. It recreates men’s thoughts into the thoughts of heaven, the new thoughts. This is the culture of heaven. The culture of the earth is made of what is on the earth. The culture of heaven, in contrast, is made of what is in heaven. In fact, all things in heaven and on earth were created by heaven. We must renew the world, accomplish peace and restore light through the culture of heaven. Let’s rid ourselves from the taints of the secular world and be born again of the seed of the culture of heaven!

The Chairman of Shincheonji has come as a precious bowl (the bowl of heaven) that stores the wisdom and the commands from heaven, and the seed of the culture of heaven. That which can make this known to people is his wisdom and the word of heaven he has mastered. In addition, people have known and realized the value of this person through various cultural festivals that served as the light. The divine being of heaven is capable of displaying and accomplishing what no one else on this earth can accomplish within a brief instant.

Through the 6th World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light, the eyes and the ears of people, who have watched the event, have been opened. This festival has opened up their eyes and ears because it portrayed the culture of heaven where the spirit of heaven dwelt. Victory, joy, unity and the flowers of love have bloomed widely and the flames of peace have risen high.

The footsteps of world peace and the restoration of light have begun humbly, but prosperous will the end be! The seed of the light of life has been planted and it will bear its fruit. Light has met with another light and they will become a greater light. World peace will be accomplished and the light will be restored as everyone is united through love. All things will respond to the culture of the pioneers, who bring world peace and restoration of light.

The representative of the Mannam Volunteer Association, Ms. Kim, has been watching the Shincheonji Chairman closely. There is a statement that Ms. Kim has been proclaiming during each and every festival she hosted. She has spoken several times in public how the Chairman Lee, was someone that the Republic of Korea as well as the whole world absolutely needs and that everybody should at least meet him once in their lifetime. Ms. Kim confidently assured everyone that the 6th World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light that was held at the Olympic Stadium would surely let everyone understand why Chairman Lee, is an essential person to all mankind. If you were one of the spectators of the event on that day, you will know the answer to her statement. International participants around the world didn’t leave their seats from morning till late night. Shouts from the participants never stopped for a second. People’s hearts and thoughts were united throughout the event. The event was indeed the festival of God where people were united with the spirits above. This is the answer to her statement. Chairman Lee is a mentor of this world who proclaims the physical fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible, which has taken place in the east and is being proclaimed in the west. He is the embodiment of the true light, life and love, and he continues to work to bring peace and to restoration of light to the world. He is someone that all mankind should at least meet once in order to accomplish world peace.

The Shincheonji Chairman Lee who fulfills world peace and restoration of light through the culture of heaven, was a Korean War veteran, who fought in the frontlines. Having been deeply deplored over the tragedy of the fratricidal war and the death of the citizens of his own, Chairman Lee refuses to take any money that the Korean government provides monthly for former war veterans. He is a peace activist who loves his own nation and citizens, and works vigorously in effort to bring peaceful unification to the Korean peninsula.

While watching the tragedy of the fratricidal war, Chairman Lee made up his mind before his dying comrades that he would accomplish world peace and restore the lost light for his own country and citizens. He has never stopped praying before God, asking for His help. Nothing has stopped him from praying because Chairman Lee believed that God would be capable of bringing world peace, and that it would be feasible if God would help, and that heaven would be capable of providing wisdom and the tools to accomplish world peace.

Why, why and why did young men around the world have to die? For whom did they have to die? The sacrifice of their lives is greater than the universe. The wish of the deceased souls was surely the world peace and the restoration of light. Their wish must have been to live in a world without war and without death. Everyone living in this globe is one family that surpasses national borders, races or religions. Why do we have to fight against one another? Why do people have to kill others’ lives that are granted by the light, rain and the air from heaven?

If religions of the world are united, the world will also be unified. In order for the religions to be united, all religions must be overcome by the truth. The truth of the culture of heaven belongs to heaven, and it must be given from heaven.

Chairman Lee was the first person who led the ‘Korean New Town Movement’ in his hometown, Cheongdo. By having met silent supporter, Nam-Hee Kim, the Mannam representative, Chairman Lee has expanded Mannam Volunteer Association not only nationwide but worldwide as well.

Furthermore, as a pioneer of patriotism, Chairman Lee hosted a commemorative event for the 54th Korean Memorial Day on June 6, 2009 (otherwise referred to as the First Citizens’ Festival for the Love of our Country, Love for Taeguk, Love for Moogunghwa). This festival was hosted on the road in front of the COEX Mall, Seoul, South Korea. The national flags of the 16 countries that participated in the Korean War were made into 625 kites and these kites were floated in the sky of Seoul and he prayed for the rest of the UN war veterans and the souls of the deceased. He was determined that he will not let the sacrifice of the veterans go in vain and in order to cherish the memory of the deceased souls, a large-scale Korean palm-printed flag (60 by 40 meters) was made, which required the participation from 17,337 people–including students from elementary, middle, and high schools, and universities; citizens, soldiers, international residents, and more. This large-scale flag was put up and many Korean citizens cherished the memory of the deceased souls. As Korea’s largest palm-printed flag, it has been registered in the Korean Book of Guinness and is currently kept in the National Cemetery, Seoul.

On August 14~15, 2010, another citizens’ festival to commemorate the 65th Korean Independence Day was held at Seoul Olympics Peace Plaza. This event was called “The Festival of World Peace, Restoration of Light and Victory”, taking place in front of the Gate of Peace with approximately 200,000 spectators and several ambassadors from different countries in attendance. This event, still considered as one of the most advanced cultural events, has been something unprecedented until now.

The large-scale palm-printed flag was put up high in the sky again on that day and a laser show was performed on the background of this flag in the night sky of the event. The laser show portrayed how one person, who became a light, was added unto another light. The motto of the event was also displayed on the flag by the laser, which said, “When light meets light, there is victory”.

on this day The Chairman Lee, represented 33 people from various walks of life and read aloud the Declaration of the Korean Unification. It seemed like the sky was going to explode by the hopeful shouts of the spectators. The Korean Unification Declaration Monuments are now standing both at the Goseong Unification Observatory, east frontlines [Korean border] and at the west frontlines, Imjingak.

Furthermore, Mannam hosted another festival to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War on June 26, 2010, at Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul. Korean War veterans and ambassadors from 60 Korean War participating and supporting countries were invited to cherish the memory of the deceased souls. As part of the preliminary events ahead of the actual commemoration, Mannam volunteers toured 21 locations at which the Korean War Memorial Monuments are situated including the UN Memorial Park in Busan. The volunteers paid a silent tribute to the former war veterans. At the same time roughly 14,400 elementary school students from 17 different regions in South Korea participated in printing their thumbs to make national flags of the Korean War participating countries. These thumb-printed flags were presented to the ambassadors who were in attendance at this event. On the day of the event, the ambassadors from 21 countries participated in creating a special bronze sculpture by printing their hands on it. The sculpture contains the determination from those ambassadors that they oppose warfare and desire to keep peace within this world. It is now being kept in the Yongsan War Memorial Museum, Seoul.

The participants also took part in creating a time capsule during the event. The time capsule contains the messages from the Korean War veterans, showing messages of gratitude from the citizens and the message that pictures Korea gaining peace 10 years later. This capsule is scheduled to be opened 10 years later in 2020.

Shincheonji Chairman and Mannam representative, Nam-Hee Kim, have bound the globe as one and created Mannam International that surpasses borders, races, religions and societies. They are leading the way of volunteerism on a worldwide scale. Who could possibly accuse them of wrong doing unless they are insane?

The culture of heaven has finally been launched! It is accomplishing world peace and is restoring the lost light through the volunteers who are working unnoticed and yet shining. What is the culture of heaven? It is the culture that deals with the highest spiritual world. It is the culture of heaven, the culture where God and people are working together. It is an extraordinary philosophy that would be hard for people to believe even if they were told. It is a movement that is unseen, and it is like a gemstone that enters into people’s hearts and creates them.

In September 2012, Shincheonji and Mannam had a joint festival entitled “World Peace Festival: The Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light”. It was held in Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul. In fact, the gate of the stadium was closed for the last 24 years until when this festival was held. Twelve flames of fire rose to the sky on the day of the festival and the 200,000 spectators stored the flames in their eyes and hearts. As all the participants were united as one, the festival was truly a joyous event for both people and for the spirits. The festival on this day was the festival of God.

Several international reporters, ambassadors and the special supervisors of the presidents of different nations referred to this event as “the grand festival of heaven and earth.” Having been deeply inspired, they also made remarked that, “The entire event was like flowers blooming at the gates of heaven.” It was a festival that only Shincheonji and Mannam were able of hosting. It served as proof how there is victory when light meets light.

More than any physical battles that kill people’s flesh, spiritual conflicts within religious organizations where people insult and label others as heretics are much crueler. In comparison to those existing conflicts, the World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light was truly the scene of peace and restoration of light. It was a place of unity where everyone held hands together, rising above the walls that used to separate them before.

The promised pastor of Shincheonji, the one who has overcome, received the fire of heaven from an angel. He passed it onto the 12 tribes and the 12 tribes shot the 12 flames of the fire to the sky. The flames ignited a flame holder and it burst into flame as the fire of God, the fire of peace and unification. This shall blaze up forever in each person’s eyes and hearts!

The World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light was indeed a festival of victory as Shincheonji and Mannam have met together—as light met with light.