Heaven and hell

Where is heaven and where is hell? Who belongs there? Why do people want to go heaven but not to hell? All religious people want to go to heaven but are afraid of going to hell.

What will be my final outcome? I have lived 80 years and have overcome again and again. At one point, I hated my life and chose to walk the valley of death alone. That was when I met a spirit from heaven and my faith returned. I wasn’t interested in hearing or seeing the world ever again. I hated it. I even carried a stone in my pocket that I used to hit myself in the head every time I thought of the world. I was trying to erase it from my memory. I was doing that to change my behavior patterns to those of a true believer. My life of faith was as harsh as the ocean’s pounding waves. Despite the fact that I was confused by the wind and waves of the sea, I promised God that my faith would not be affected. As I walked the steep mountains of sorrow and suffered the winds of agony, heaven was the only thing I could rely on. There was nothing I could learn from the world; there was nothing for me there. I was like a lonesome wanderer riding a cloud floating up toward God. I wanted heaven to acknowledge my words and actions as faithful, but even today I am not good enough to climb the stairs to heaven.

I abandoned my parents and my wife to carry the cross over and over again up Golgotha’s stairs to heaven, but my physical feet are still on the ground. Although I was in great distress, I perceived the way of faith clearly. When sorrows and pains washed over me, I thought of the Jesus’ disciples. I tried even harder to resemble the heart of Jesus. When I look back at the path I have walked, I realize that it was very long and rugged. That road was the same road to heaven and faith that the disciples walked. I was proud of my knowledge of God, Jesus, and their words, but I wasn’t able to fly; my feet were still on the ground.

When I received the revealed book from the angel, I understood God and Jesus as well as the prophecies and their fulfillment. This all happened in fulfillment of the book of Revelation (Rv 10). I realized how disorganized my faith really was. It was almost like a dream. After I learned about God and his true will in the Bible, I realized that the religious world is in darkness. I realized that their faith is dead and that they are living a lie. People who maintain an arbitrary faith and arbitrarily claim religious authority are enemies of God’s truth. Since no one in the world knows the fulfillment of the Bible, everyone is dead. No one knows the true way of salvation or how to keep the teachings of love and forgiveness. Whether good or bad, Christians rely only on their pastors. The blind are leading the blind into a pit (Mt 15:14) and the wickedness of the religious world continues to increase (Mt 24:10-12).

People who do not keep the teachings of forgiveness and love do not belong to God. These are people who practice magic arts, idolaters, everyone who loves and practices falsehood, dogs, murderers (Rv 22:15), people who don’t believe in the fulfillment of the prophecies, and people who have arbitrary beliefs. They also include believers who persecute others without even realize they are doing something wrong. These are believers who trade God’ words for money, thinking they are doing it for God.

Idolaters and those who practice magic arts exist to confuse believers (Mt 24:4-5). They make up lies and put them on various web sites. It is as if they are producing fake goods in a factory that belongs to Satan. Their websites are full of lies, and they should be ashamed of themselves. It is even embarrassing to hear their horrible lies. Since the creation of the world, God’s disciples and prophets have been persecuted for preaching God’s word of truth (Mt 23:34-35). The lies people told about them cannot even be compared to the lies people are telling today through the Internet. They can’t be compared to the persecution I am receiving. These lies are not only being told to persecute me, but also to confuse me. Satan does not want me to reach God and Jesus in heaven. The pastors writing confusing lies on the Internet are confusing their congregation members. Their members believe and even enjoy the lies (Jer 5:30-31). They have no clue that their pastors are leading them to death by confusing them. There are also congregation members who participate in telling lies. If their lies are not according to God’s will or teachings, then they belong to Satan (Rv 22:11-15; Rv 21:8; Jn 15:18-19).

Those who belong to God speak God’s teachings and words, but those who belong to Satan constantly lie, persecute, curse, and take God’s people captive (Jn 3:31-32; 1 Jn 4:5-6). Wise believers can differentiate God’s work from Satan’s work. Some claim to be orthodox while going so far as to murder other believers. This is not God’s orthodoxy; these are the actions of Satan. Jesus, Apostle John, and Paul taught the word of revelation (Gal 1:1-12; Jn 12:49-50; Jn 14:24). Instead of being allowed to enter heaven, people who add or subtract from Revelation will be cursed by God (Rv 22:18-19). Just like Jesus, I have been preaching the revealed word ever since I received the clear revelation from heaven, ever since I heard and saw the fulfillment according to Revelation (Rv 1:2; Rv 10; Rv 22:8; Rv 22:16). No one can truly know the will of God and Jesus, understand the meaning of Revelation, enter heaven, or be cursed outside of the city without me. Only those who receive the revelation from me can know the true God and the one whom he has sent (Mt 11:27; Jn 17:3). Only those who come to me can learn the fulfillment God promised in the New Testament and fulfilled through his promised pastor.