The trumpet of victory and light: evidence for the betrayers

Betrayal, in the context of scripture, means to reject God’s word. The first betrayal occurred in the spiritual world when some of the angels, who were created by God, rebelled and sinned against him ( Is 14:12-14; Ez 28:11-16; 2 Pt 2:4; Jude 1:6; Rv 9:14 ).

Betrayal begins when a spirit of betrayal enters a person’s heart. To better understand this, let’s examine the account of a man named Shin, who betrayed Shinchonji Church of Jesus.

Before his betrayal, Shin was a respected teacher within Shinchonji. Because of his authority and position, many people sought his advice in understanding the Bible and in learning from him how to teach the Bible to others. Shin abused his authority by teaching people things that were not scriptural. He even encouraged others to teach in the same way. Shin opened bank accounts for the church under his own name and even borrowed more than 30 million won from church funds. Shin denies this to this day, despite a ruling to the contrary in a South Korean court.

Before the scroll of Revelation was opened (Rv 5), pastors were preaching sermons of non-scriptural pseudo-religion from their own perspectives instead of from the Bible. When he left SCJ, Shin claimed he would continue to testify about the Counselor even more than those who were still in the church. Almost immediately, however, Shin united with several pastors from other denominations—pastors who teach that the four living creatures represent the four gospels—and he began to conduct seminars slandering Shinchonji. Although Shin was once a member of Shinchonji, he has now fulfilled the role of an antichrist (1 Jn 2:18-19) by leaving SCJ and slandering us. By abandoning his position of authority, leaving the congregation of believers, and setting himself up as the poster-boy for an organization that opposes the work of Shinchonji, he has carried out the actions that the Bible attributes to the antichrists—those who betray God’s word (Jude 1:6, 17-19). As soon as Shin left the church, he started targeting the members of the twelve tribes with his lies. This is how he fulfilled the role of the entity described in Mt 24:24. Shin became even more corrupt after he left SCJ. He went about criticizing and slandering Shinchonji to a far greater extent than he had before becoming a member. In him we can clearly see the fulfillment of the man who, although once cleansed of an evil spirit, becomes a home for seven spirits who are even more evil (Mt 12:43-45).

Shin’s goal was to stir up a rebellion within Shinchonji. To this end, he created a DVD that he claimed would entice 80 percent of Shinchonji members to leave the church and convert to his teachings. He claimed that once all the people who left SCJ gathered with him Shinchonji Church of Jesus would be shaken, but it never happened. Since Shin’s claims regarding the future have not come to pass, he has also fulfilled the role of the false prophet described in Dt 18:22.

Shin is hosting seminars that teach people how to persecute Shinchonji and its members. He is teaching methods of forced conversion. The methods of conversion education taught and practiced by Shin and his fellow pastors include involuntary physical restraint. These methods are routinely used to deceive members of SCJ and pull them away from the church. Attendees can expect to pay 600,000 won per person for the privilege of attending one of Shin’s seminars. Didn’t Jesus say in Mt 10:8, however, that we must freely give away the words we have freely received? Jesus said that if he is truly the origin of the word, it will be given freely and will infuse those who receive it with life (Rv 21:6; Rv 22:17). At one point, before he left, Shin even claimed that it was no longer enough to eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus to attain salvation (Jn 6:51-57). He said that people must eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Chairman of Shinchonji, Mr. Lee to attain salvation. At that time, Shin said that people must call on the name of Lee Manhee instead of calling on the name of the Lord (Jn 14:13-14; Jn 16:24, 26). Instead of exposing Shinchonji to public disgrace as he planned, Shin’s DVD simply provides proof that Shin was teaching lies. By teaching contrary to Jesus’ words, Shin has proven himself to be the betraying antichrist mentioned in the Bible.

The Bible records 6,000 years of history, but this sort of betrayal had never been seen before. If the people of Shinchonji had accepted Shin’s teachings, would Shin have begun to persecute them? The people of Shinchonji refused to accept Shin’s teachings because they recognized that the spirits working through him—the spirits guiding his thoughts and feeding him his doctrines—were not spirits of God. We know this because Shin has now united with pastors who teach that the four living creatures are the four gospels. He now shares their point of view, their thoughts, their teachings, and their spirits. Anyone who listens to Shin and accepts his teachings also shares his thoughts and spirit. The spirit in Shin is not God’s holy spirit, nor is Shin’s church the church of Jesus. We know this because we can measure his words and actions against the Bible.

People demonstrate their belief in God and Jesus by believing with complete faith in their words as recorded in the Bible.

This evidence condemns the betrayers of God’s word and God’s kingdom. This evidence is the trumpet that proclaims light and victory to the world.