The true testimony about faith in the New Testament and salvation

The hope of believers today is salvation through the Lord’s second coming and the fulfillment of the New Testament. All the evil spirits in the world gather at the place the New Testament is being fulfilled according to the Bible (1 Pt 5:8; 2 Thes 2:1-10; Rv 12; Rv 16; Rv 17; Rv 18) because they want to interfere with God’s work (Rv 16:13-16).

Although the rest of the world may be quiet, the place the Lord’s work in his second coming is being carried out will not be. Jesus, who made many prophecies in the New Testament, said, “I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe,” ( Jn 14:29 ). There is an appointed time for the completion of the fulfillment, and believing in that fulfillment when it comes is required to have complete faith. Shinchonji Church of Jesus testifies about what has been fulfilled according to the Bible. Since we do not add anything to the word or take anything away from it, our testimony is true. Anyone who sets aside his own thoughts, listens to our testimony about the fulfillment, confirm‍s that things have happened as we say they have according to the prophecies in the Bible, and believes in our testimony will attain salvation. The time has come for all the pastors, theologians, and evangelists who have been testifying about the work of Jesus’ first coming for so long to come and listen to and believe the true testimony about the fulfillment of the New Testament so they can be saved. If they do so, they will realize that the messenger of the Lord who has seen and heard the fulfillment of the New Testament has appeared in the world today (Rv 22:16).

To testify about the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies, Shinchonji is posting hundreds of articles online. These articles can be considered the bread of life for believers around the world. Please continue to visit and read the articles posted there. Visit the site to confirm‍ and believe so you may reach salvation. The New Testament is fulfilled only once, not twice. You will regret it if you don’t capitalize on this opportunity. Please read for yourself and understand.