The maddening wine of adultery that has destroyed all nations

What is the maddening wine mentioned in Revelation that has the power to destroy all nations? If it is real wine, wouldn’t it be astonishing?

Not long ago, a group of Christian pastors decided to make a prediction about the day they thought the rapture would come. They used the prediction to draw attention to themselves, turning it into a big issue in Christian circles. That day came and went, proving that those pastors are liars (Dt 18:20-22). They spewed lies out of their own thoughts because they couldn’t distinguish the time and because they misunderstood the concept of rapture. Although everyone now knows they are false prophets, they are not even ashamed of themselves and are continuing in the ministry. Oblivious to their hypocrisy, they are even persecuting other Christian groups by calling them cults. They are sowing the false seeds of weeds in people’s hearts, and anyone who receives their teachings becomes a child of the devil (Mt 13:24-30; Mt 13:36-40).

Today, the Christian world is confronted with an even bigger problem: the maddening wine of adultery mentioned in the book of Revelation. Because no one knows the true meaning of the maddening wine of adulteries, people have been left to their own devices and are inventing many false interpretations. False pastors are spreading their false interpretations about the wine of adulteries and the woman riding the beast with seven heads and ten horns (Rv 17:1-3). One commentary, for example, says the woman represents the Roman Catholic Pope, the seven heads represent seven of the world’s strongest nations, and the ten horns of the beast represent ten of the countries in the European Commission. Can these thoughts that come straight from a single person’s mind be the real testimony about the fulfillment of the book of Revelation? No, it is clear they are just spreading lies. The Bible specifically says the woman riding the beast with seven heads and the ten horns is called Babylon (Rv 17:5). This great prostitute entices people with the maddening wine of her adulteries, and all nations have joined her. They have drunk deeply of her wine and have been spiritually destroyed (Rv 18:3).

Wine is made with grapes; grapes come from vines. The Old Testament talks about the bad grapes that grow from the vines of God’s garden (Is 5:2-4). It also refers to the king of Babylon as a great tree that provides food for all (Dn 4:20-22). The New Testament compares the king of Babylon to a great prostitute (Rv 17:1-5). The spiritual nation of Babylon is a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird (Rv 18:2). The great prostitute belongs to this spiritual nation of Babylon, and her maddening wine represents the lies of Satan. Satan’s teachings are the venom of serpents, the deadly poison of cobras (Dt 32:33). Anyone who eats from the fruit of this tree or drinks its wine is killing his spirit with poison.

Jesus spoke figuratively about about the secrets of the kingdom of heaven that would be revealed at the time of his second coming (Mt 13:34-35; Mk 3:10-12). No one can know these secrets until the time appointed for their fulfillment has come (Jn 16:25).

The devil is pretending to be God by giving his false teachings to his false pastors (Jn 8:44). He is working through them to spread his lies around the world, hiding them in plain sight in the form of biblical commentaries. The pastors of the world read and rely on the words of the commentaries more than God’s truth in the Bible, especially when it comes to the prophecies that they cannot understand on their own. Revelation even talks about these commentaries when it mentions the golden cup filled with maddening wine (Rv 17:4). The cup and its maddening wine represent these commentaries and the lies they contain. The world’s false pastors are drinking their fill of the maddening wine (Rv 17:2)—they have been intoxicated by false doctrines. Since these false pastors are also feeding their false doctrines to their congregation members, all nations have been spiritually destroyed by the words of false biblical commentaries (Rv 18:3).

Today, the time of the fulfillment has come and the sealed figurative language of Revelation has been entirely opened (Jn 16:25; Rv 10). All nations should abandon the biblical commentaries and return to the true words of the Bible and only the Bible (i.e. the true revelation from God). The prostitute and her beast with seven heads and ten horns do not represent the Pope, the world’s seven strongest countries, or 10 EC nations. These are lies preached by false pastors. When did the strongest nations come out of the sea to make war with heaven like the beast in Rv 13? When did the nations force people to receive a mark on their right hands or foreheads (Rv 13)? Protestants call Catholics heretics, and Catholics call Protestants heretics. We should not be the kind of people who curse one another; we should bless the people around us with our words and actions.

The woman of adulteries and her beast with seven heads and ten horns all represent pastors of Satan who emerged from the Republic of Korea. They appeared here to interrupt the work of God (2 Thes 2:9-10) because God and heaven have descended to Korea (Rv 7:2-4; Rv 21:1-3). Revelation is being accomplished right now and people who truly understand the Bible know and believe.

The holy spirit of the truth (i.e. the Counselor) has come to the new heaven and new earth—to Shinchonji—in the name of Jesus and is testifying the truth with the one who overcomes. Together, they certify that these words are truth.