The difference between the teachings of men and the revelation

1. Old Testament

Main Scriptures: Is 29:9-14; Hb 2:2-3; Ez 3:1-1

Isaiah 29 mentions a vision that is nothing but words sealed in a scroll because no one understands its content. It says the prophets and seers cannot see because they are blind and their heads are covered. In such a state, their teachings are merely rules taught by men. This is why God said, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men. Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder,” (Is 29:13-14).

This prophecy of Isaiah was fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming (Mt 15). At the appointed time promised in Hb 2:2-3, the vision (revelation) was opened and given to Jesus so he could preach it to God’s people and astound them with wonder upon wonder (Mt 15). This was when Jesus said, “No one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him,” (Mt 11:27). In addition, Jn 17:3 says that knowing the only true God is eternal life. Doesn’t this mean that people who do not know do not have eternal life?

Since Jesus was told to speak the revelation he received from God (Ez 3:1-11), Jesus wants everyone to receive the revelation through him. The revelation from Jesus is the testimony about the physical fulfillment according to the promises God made in the sealed scroll of the Old Testament. The Old Testament prophecies figuratively pointed toward this physical fulfillment (Jn 14:29)

Since most of the Jews living at the time of the fulfillment were following blind pastors (Mt 15:14) who could not see the physical fulfillment, most people could not believe in the revealed physical fulfillment testified by Jesus. They called Jesus a cult leader because his revealed teachings were different from their teachings of men.

This article is not really about the Old Testament prophecies and the revelation of Jesus at the time of the first coming. The revelation of the Old Testament was discussed to introduce and proclaim the revelation of the New Testament.

2. New Testament

Main Scriptures: Rv 10; Rv 1:1-8; Rv 22:18-19

Roughly 2,000 years ago, the revelation Apostle John saw and recorded was a revelation in vision—a prophesy to be fulfilled in the future. When the appointed time arrives, what was once only a revelation by vision becomes a revelation by physical fulfillment—a physical reality that matches the original vision. When the prophecies are fulfilled, a pastor promised in the New Testament who is like Apostle John receives the scroll of revelation and eats it according to Rv 10. This new Apostle John obeys a command from Jesus by testifying the word he has received and the things he has seen to Jesus’ servants. The words he testifies are the words of the scroll he ate and the physical fulfillment of the entire book of Revelation he witnessed. At this time, no one knows God, Jesus, the kingdom of heaven, or the physical fulfillment of Revelation except those who have received the revelation from the new Apostle John.

People who claim to know via another route and people who testify about anything else are planting weeds and feeding people the wine of the adultery. It is a sin to claim to understand before Jesus opens the sealed scroll in Rv 5 and fulfills it. It would mean God is a liar because Rv 5:3 says that no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth knows content of the sealed scroll.

The world is full of false pastors who conjure up lies in an attempt to inflate and demonstrate their own righteousness instead of believing in the truth. Anyone who believes and follows these pastors will be cursed. Some of these false pastors have claimed the great prostitute in Revelation represents the pope, the beast with ten horns represent ten Asian nations, the dragon is the Soviet Union, the two hundred million mounted troops of Satan represent China, and the wars depicted in Revelation are actual physical wars. They have planted these lies in the hearts of their congregation members, but none of them are true.

The truth is that Rv 6 is about the judgment of the chosen people who betrayed in Rv 2-3. Revelation 16 and 18 are about pouring out God’s wrath on the betrayers and destroyers in Rv 13. The wars of Rv 13 and Rv 12 are wars between the congregation members of the tabernacle of heaven and the pastors of the dragon; they are not like the physical wars of the world. These are spiritual wars fought with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony (Rv 12:11).

The revelation the new Apostle John receives in Rv 10 is a letter from God in heaven. It is the hidden manna, the bread of eternal life. Will there be salvation for people who ignore this truth and call this testimony and the group that delivers it a cult? Isn’t it just like what the Jews did to Jesus at the time of the first coming?

Since the new Apostle John has received the revelation of the New Testament from Jesus today, people who receive the revelation from him will understand the true meaning of the prophecies of Revelation and their physical fulfillment. They will recognize and join the 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel and they will attain salvation. This is how we can keep the new covenant promised by God and obey his will to attain salvation.