The deeds of God and the deeds of the devil

True religion was created by God, who also created the universe and everything in it. The same God wrote the Bible to communicate these things to people. God created religion and the Bible so people could distinguish him from the devil. Believers who fail distinguish God from Satan do so because they do not understand the Bible, and their ignorance will ultimately lead to their destruction (Hos 4:6; Hos 6:6).

The Bible records the deeds of God and the devil. God loved his creation so much that he sent his truth into the world to make it a beautiful and virtuous place for his people to live. Satan, who is God’s enemy, interfered and continues to interfere with God’s work. The devil spread lies so the people God loves were led astray. This is how the devil turned people from the path of true religion God gave through his word (Gn 3:1-5).

God wants people to live according the words of truth he has given us in the Bible. Although the spirit of Satan spews lies to destroy people’s spirits, God grants people knowledge and wisdom so they can speak his truth in love. The Bible God has given us also helps us distinguish the actions of the devil so we know how to avoid them (Jn 8). The devil dissuades people from believing in God and his word, he spreads lies, practices magical arts, gives false testimonies, delivers false prophecies, and entices people toward acts of sexual immorality and murder (Jn 8:44; Jn 16:1-2; Rv 2:14; Rv 2:20). The devil also measures, judges, persecutes and curses those who seek to lead righteous lives of faith according to the Bible (Mt 7:15).

Every year, Shinchonji sends New Year’s greetings cards to the pastors of Gwacheon1 in an effort to foster friendly relations with other believers. When we heard recently that an area pastor had fallen ill and was unable to cover the costs of his hospitalization, Shinchonji sent a donation to help ease his financial burdens. In spite of all our efforts, however, the pastors of Gwacheon have joined secular groups in an effort to expel SCJ from our city. These pastors from different denominations are covering their church facades hateful banners that curse SCJ. We are constantly being bombarded with their negativity. These pastors and their congregation members often complain that SCJ wants to make Gwacheon a holy place. If curse and falsely accuse SCJ because we want to make Gwacheon a holy place, what would they prefer it to be? Perhaps they would prefer Gwacheon to be an evil, godless place? People who are opposed to making a place holy must find holiness itself abhorrent. These pastors, who have united with the secular world, are inadvertently fulfilling roles clearly described in the Scriptures. The Bible clearly states that anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world is an enemy of God (Jas 4:4).

As physical beings, sickness is a terrible thing for us to suffer. The Bible shows us that physical illnesses can come from either God or the devil. Apostle Paul, for example, was temporarily blinded from his meeting with the Lord (Act 9). God used that affliction to motivate the transformation of Saul to Apostle Paul. Job’s disease, on the other hand, came from Satan (Job 2). When God healed later healed Job, the healing was attributed to Job’s faith. Job was faithful, but the healing itself came from God. God heals us when he sees our faith and rewards it (Lk 7:1-10).

As terrible as physical illnesses can be, they are not the worst afflictions of humanity. Spiritual illnesses are much worse because they affect our spirits. Of all the spiritual illnesses, ignorance of the Bible and a disbelieving heart are the worst. People can still enter the kingdom of heaven having lost an eye or an arm, but no one can enter heaven if they have been similarly spiritually mutilated. Symptoms of such a spiritual illness can be recognized: some people claim with their mouths to do the work of God, but they act on behalf of the devil by persecuting, cursing, measuring, judging, and murdering others. They bear false witness, practice magic arts, and behave like dogs who return to their vomit. They are spiritual sorcerers who proclaim false prophecies. Anyone who holds another person against his or her will, confines someone to a mental institute, beats, or in any way subjects another person to public humiliation or scorn for the purpose of inducing a religious conversion is not carrying out the work of God. That person is not acting according to Jesus’ commands or the other words of truth in the Bible; he is acting on behalf of the devil. True believers must protect themselves with Jesus’ words of truth. A true believer can overcome any deception by being armed with the knowledge God has given us in his word.

The Christian Council of Korea has been working diligently to oppose Shinchonji by fabricating lies and conjuring up false testimonies about the church and its members. Pastors belonging to the Christian Council of Korea delivered these lies to the producers of MBC’s PD Note. MBC PD Note is an investigative news program produced by MBC, a state-sponsored Korean television network. PD Note made a grievous mistake by broadcasting these lies to the public without proper fact-checking. Today, both the people who spread lies about SCJ and the broadcasting company that gave their lies credibility have been defeated by SCJ. The law is on our side and this victory belongs to God. Although the world was once deceived by the lies and false testimonies, today the truth is being revealed. The time has come to proclaim the word of Shinchonji Church of Jesus to the world. The time has come to proclaim the place people can come to receive the words of life be trained in the path of true religion created by God.

1. SCJ is headquartered in Gwacheon, South Korea.