The beginning and end of God’s work

When will the work of God that is seen in the Bible come to an end?

After Adam and his generation betrayed God, God carried out his work of restoration through Noah. When Noah’s world became corrupt, God worked through Moses. When the people belonging to Moses’ world of the law went astray, God worked through Jesus by commanding him to proclaim the gospel of heaven (Mt 4:17). Today, the period of the gospel of heaven has come to an end (Mt 24:29; Rv 6) and the period of the millennium described in prophecies regarding the second coming has begun (Rv 20:4-6). After the millennium has passed, people who are still outside the tabernacle will be subject to God’s fiery judgment. The dead will stand before the great white throne and be judged according to their deeds. Their spirits will either be thrown into the lake of fire, (i.e., hell and the second death) or they will enter paradise in the kingdom of heaven (Rv 20:7-15).

For the last 6,000 years of biblical history, from the time of Adam to the time of the second coming today, you can see a repeating cycle of a new generation beginning as the previous generation comes to an end. At the second coming, however, this pattern comes to an end because the new generation that is established will never be destroyed. At the time of the second coming, God, Jesus, the angels, and the holy city New Jerusalem descends upon the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel—the 144,000 firstfruits who are sealed at Mt. Zion (Rv 14). The flesh of these firstfruits unite with the spirits of heaven in the city of the millennium (Rv 20:4-6; 2 Cor 5:1-4). This unification of spirit and flesh is the first resurrection. Only the members of the twelve tribes who are sealed at Mt. Zion can participate in the first resurrection with the spirits of the martyrs who were killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings words. The fate of everyone else is determined at the judgment that takes place after the millennium (Rv 20).

At the time of the second coming, the world of Christianity comes to an end and the world of Shinchonji begins. In other words, the work of Shinchonji, which is the city of the millennium, begins at the time of the second coming. The millennium begins after the dragon is captured and locked in the abyss (Rv 20:1-3). The dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood will remain outside the city of millennium (Rv 22:15). People can only enter the city of the millennium by washing their robes (Rv 22:14) and having their names written down in the book of life (Rv 21:27). At the great judgment that takes place after the millennium, people who have washed their robes at the spiritual laundromat outside the city will be able to avoid judgment and enter the city. After the millennium is over, Satan emerges from the abyss and deceives the people who are still outside the city. He tricks them into attacking the holy city once more. This is when God judges those living outside the holy city by causing fire to rain down upon them (Rv 20:7-10). The people inside the city have taken part in the unification of flesh and spirit (i.e., they belong to God). There is no fiery judgment for them. Only the people outside the city are destroyed by fire. No one can survive God’s fiery judgment, so their dead spirits are all that remain. Regardless of the positions they had held in the world, these spirits are judged before the great white throne and go to either heaven or hell depending on their deeds as recorded in the books. Death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire, which is the second death (Rv 20:11-15). This is also the time when people who died long ago receive judgment. Since it is the final judgment, this is when the spirit of Satan, the spirits of the dead, and the flesh outside the holy city all meet their end. The people whose flesh have united with the spirits of heaven inside the city—those who have participated in the first resurrection—escape judgment and live forever in God’s eternal kingdom.

These articles will also become important evidence after the millennium. As a writer, I am testifying about what I have seen, heard, and understood. After the time of the second coming, there will not be a third coming of another pastor or another world. Only those who are sealed as members of the twelve tribes at Mt. Zion and participate in the first resurrection that unites spirit and flesh will live for eternity. These are the people who master the Bible by believing and obeying its fulfillment. They are the only ones who receive the blessing of eternal life.

Today, people of faith who want salvation must be able to discern the time and distinguish their own pastors from the harvesters and the promised pastor. They must understand where to go and they must go there.