Request to all the members of Shinchonji Church of Jesus

We are the people of God who have been chosen and gathered from among the nations. We are God’s kingdom and priests and his multitude clothed in white (Rv 5:9-10; Rv 7:9-14). We are the kingdom of light, the city of truth. We are righteousness and justice. We are the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom created today according to the Bible (Rv 7; Rv 14). This is why we must become the true light of the world and this is our appointed task.
Do not act disgracefully, lie, despise, condemn, mistreat, insult, harm, or offend the world. Do not curse or act in rage against society or toward churches. Do not act arrogantly, hate your enemies, act unjustly or without love. Never withhold forgiveness, swindle, steal, criticize others, or force people to do things they don’t want to do. Do not act like hired hands and do not worship idols. I know the people of Shinchonji do not act like this. Anyone who does act like this will be forced to leave Shinchonji.
Jesus is leading us just as he leads more than twelve legions of angels (Mt 26:53-54). Even he did not judge those who pierced him. Instead he said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing,” (Lk 23:34). Following Jesus’ example, Stephen said something similar as he was being stoned to death: “Lord, do not hold this sin against them,” (Act 7:59-60). Let us all follow their lead and bless those around us.
We must forgive their sins and love them by helping them to carry their cross. We must become God’s lights who share the righteousness of heaven with the world. This is the will of our God, who loves the world so much.

Chairman Lee, Shinchonji Church of Jesus