Figurative wine and wineskins

What did Jesus mean when he referred to wine and wineskins? (Mt 9:17; Jn 15:1; Lk 5:37-39; Rv 14:18-20; Rv 6:6; Rv 17; Rv 8; Dt 32:31-33)

Wine comes from grapes, and grapes come from vines. There are, however, two types of vines: the true vine and the wild vines of the serpent (Is 5:2-4). Jesus was the true vine (Jn 15:1), and the pastors of Sodom and Gomorrah were the wild vines. Their cities were full of adulteries and were opposing God (Gn 18; Gn 19; Jude 1:7; Dt 32:32-33). The bird of the holy spirit descended upon Jesus, the true vine (Mt 13:31-32; Jn 1:32), but the birds of the evil spirits descended upon the devil’s pastors, the wild vines of adultery (Dn 4:20-22).

What does a vine symbolize? If a vine symbolizes a person, then grapes must represent that person’s words. If a pastor’s words are likened unto wine, then hearing his words is the same as drinking that wine. Interestingly, the Bible mentions old wine as well as new wine, but it says that people enjoy the old wine more than the new (Lk 5:37-39).

What is the difference between the old wine and the new wine?

When Jesus spoke figuratively about the old wine, he was referring to the law given through Moses. The new wine, however, represented the new, revealed word—Jesus’ gospel of heaven. At the time, people were more fond of Moses’ law than Jesus’ new gospel. This is why Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have not come to abolish these things but to fulfill them,” (Mt 5:17). The prophets Jesus referred to were the pastors of God who wrote the Old Testament prophecies. Jesus came to perfect the law and prophets by fulfilling them.

What, then, are the old and new wineskins?

The word is stored in a person’s heart, just as wine is poured into a wineskin. Hence, the wineskin is a metaphor for a person’s heart, and the old wineskins refer to the pastors of the law. Jesus warned that when new wine is poured into old wineskins, the wineskins burst and are destroyed. The new revealed word is so strong, people reject it instead of accepting it into their hearts. New wineskins, on the other hand, refer to the hearts of people who have never had any word before. Simply put, they refer to the group of newly chosen pastors in that generation. Jesus and his disciples were new wineskins because they were not among the pastors who received and taught only the law of Moses at that time.

There are old and new wineskins as well as old and new wine. Again, the old and new wineskins symbolize old and new pastors, respectively. The old and new wine symbolize the law of the previous generation and the new gospel of the revealed word, respectively. In addition to the old and new wines of God, however, there is also maddening wine of adulteries.

Who gives this wine of adulteries?

Although the old and new wine belong to God, the wine of adulteries does not come from God. According to Dt 32, Rv 17, and Rv 18, this wine is made of the poison of serpents and the venom of cobras (Dt 32:33). It is the wine of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were adulterous cities, and the wine of Babylon, the kingdom of demons. The wine of the devil is given by pastors of the devil. The wine of the devil represents the teachings of the devil, and it is because of this wine of adulteries that all nations have collapsed (Rv 18:3). It is also the wine of adultery that the merchants of the earth (the evangelists) have sold and through which they have grown rich. This wine is called the wine of adulteries because it deceived all nations into marrying the devil (Rv 18:23). The books of Daniel and Revelation both record how this wine of adulteries is poured into a golden goblet during a wedding feast (Dn 5:1-4; Rv 18:1-4).

What is the wine of adulteries?

When they are ordained, pastors are anointed with oil and they take an oath in the name of God, who compared himself in the Bible to a bridegroom (Hos 2:19; Jer 31:32). If these pastors later receive the spirit of the devil (the seed of his word) and appointed tasks from the devil, then they have committed spiritual adultery with him. Without even knowing it, they have married the devil. If these pastors receive the devils lies and preach them to their congregation members, their lies are the wine of adulteries. The Bible laments how all nations have joined Babylon after being intoxicated by the wine of her adulteries, which symbolizes biblical commentaries. All nations have collapsed and married the devil because of the wine of adulteries (Rv 17; Rv 18). According to Rv 18:3 and Rv 18:11, the merchants of Babylon do their business with the products of Babylon. Since these merchants do not understand the meaning of the Bible, they teach the biblical commentaries of others, which are false interpretations of God’s word. This is what it means to conduct business with the wine of adulteries.

These people have married the devil and have been intoxicated with the wine of adulteries. This is why they need to be born again of the seed of God’s teachings and God’s holy spirit (Jn 3:5-6; 1 Pt 1:23). To do so, they must wash their robes in the water of life as clear as crystal (Rv 22:1-2, 14). The water of life represents the revealed word of heaven. Pastors and their congregation members who have received the spirits of demons speak lies like the devil. They claim to be orthodox, to have attained salvation, and to have received the holy spirit. If we want to truly receive salvation, however, we must humble ourselves; we must hunger and thirst for righteousness (Mt 5:6).

Everyone must realize that today is the end times for the world of Christianity. It is now time for us to seek the truth, to take the word as our path to salvation. Please do your best to seek God’s truth and knock and on God’s door (Mt 7:7-8; Rv 3:20)!