Deception and temptation

True believers must overcome deception and temptation. The Bible tells us, “A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him,” (2 Pt 2:19).

At the time of the first coming, Jesus’ disciples asked him about the signs of the end of the age (Mt 24:3). Jesus warned them not to be deceived (Mt 24:4). Regarding the time of the end, Jesus said many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other. He said many false prophets will appear and deceive many people (Mt 24:9-12). Should Christians believe the lies people write on the Internet, the lies men have included in their biblical commentaries, or the true word of God?

If you truly believe in Jesus and his words, you should neither deceive others nor should you be deceived. The end of the age will be a time of trial for the whole world that will test those who live on the earth (Rv 3:10). This trial will turn family members against each other(Lk 12:49-53). During the time if trial, believers should take care not to turn from the faith, not to betray or hate one another. Believers must recognize if they are living in the time of the end of the age. To do so, we must seal the word of God in our hearts so we can overcome deception and temptation.

After Adam sinned (Gn 3), the world became a possession of Satan. God, who is light and life, was forced to leave the corrupt world (Gn 6:1-3). He gave us the 66 books of the Bible to help us see what has happened to the world over the past 6,000 years of biblical history. Those 66 books tell us that the pastors of every generation who belonged to Satan have persecuted, cursed, tempted, and even killed the pastors sent by God (Mt 23:34-35; Acts 7:51-52; Heb 11:35-38). Can you think of any of Satan’s pastors at the time of the first coming who did not persecute, deceive, or try to tempt Jesus and his disciples? They even went so far as to kill Jesus and his disciples? Despite all the evil actions of Satan and his pastors, Jesus and his disciples overcame the world (Jn 16: 33). They kept their faith to the point of death. They even blessed those who persecuted them saying, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them, they do not know what they are doing,” (Acts 7:55-60).

Jesus prophesied about the future when he came into the world 2000 years ago. The world today is full of deceptions and temptation, just as Jesus prophesied. Of all the nations in the world, Koreans have posted the most lies on the Internet. Korean religious sites are simply full of lies, curses, and persecution. Who is their biggest target? Why are there more lies on Korean websites than on the sites of other nations? Since God is accomplishing his final work of fulfilling the New Testament in South Korea, Satan is working here to oppose him. Since the pastor promised by God and God’s true believers are here in Korea, Satan’s followers are here to oppose them.

Let me make a clear distinction between a few Internet sites. Which one has been made according to God’s will and which one has been made according to Satan’s will? The people of God will believe the word of God, but the people of Satan will believe the lies of Satan (1 Jn 4:5-6). There are two similar sites called “The correct understanding of the Bible and Shinchonji” ( or Healing All Nations ( that contain the true word of God. On the other hand, there are also sites like “God People” ( that are full of curses and lies.

People should try and discern which of these sites contain the words of God and which contain the words of Satan. Do you think a site with words of blessing and grace has been made according to God’s will or has a site full of curses and persecution been made according to God’s will? Which one has been made according to the heart of men? You should be able to distinguish the word of truth from words of deception. You can distinguish right from wrong if you check it out for yourself. Those who have been born to be deceived will believe the lies that belong to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but those who belong to God will not be deceived. Because they believe in the words of Jesus that are recorded in the Bible, they cannot be deceived by Satan’s lies and they will surely keep their faith (1 Jn 4:6).

It is only possible to maintain true faith acknowledged by God by having a strong spiritual shield. We must distinguish the spirit of truth from the spirit of falsehood ( 1Jn 4:1; 1 Jn 4:6). We must be careful to reject false teachings and believe only the words of God’s true pastor and true believers.

Let’s become true believers who overcome deception and temptation.