The twelve tribes are the kingdom promised in the New Testament

To Jesus who has loved us, chosen us, freed us from our sins, and made us the eternal kingdom and priests that serve his father God—to him let us give thanks forever and ever!

The scriptures say we can reign as kings because Jesus has purchased us by his blood and made us to be God’s kingdom and priests (Rv 1:5-6; Rv 5:9-10). The scriptures also say that those who reign as kings will participate in the first resurrection and rest with the Lord in the millennial city, which is the holy paradise of heaven (Rv 20:4-6; Rv 21:2-4). If we know our hope is to attain heaven and eternal life and to become kings, then we must make every effort to attain those rewards. Let us keep the commands of the Lord and fulfill this hope.
To the beloved congregation members of Shinchonji!

Since God’s kingdom is holy, let us also become holy. We must be gallant warriors in the heat of battle, but holy in our actions as we reign as kings. Among all the people of the world, we are the only people with the patents for the emblem of the holy city New Jerusalem (Korean patent number: 42-0001873), and for the emblem of Mt. Zion, the mountain of God (Korean patent number: 0000731). The holy city New Jerusalem and Mt. Zion are the core focal points of the Bible. How can the fact that we were granted patents on these emblems not be the work of God? Those two patents have been granted only to us. We are the holy city New Jerusalem; we are Mt. Zion where the firstfruits of the twelve tribes are located (Rv 7; Rv 14; Rv 21).

For this reason, we must become holier. We must be consecrated people who shine for the Lord (Lv 19:2; Jn 17:17-19). The wicked were born to persecute, but we were born to save and to bless. We are people consecrated to serve God. The wise 144,000 of the twelve tribes have mastered the scriptures (i.e. the path). They become God’s rulers and priests (Rv 1:5-6; Rv 5:9-10). The multitudes who wash themselves with the blood of the Christ become the people of heaven (Rv 7:9-14). God’s kingdom of heaven is a hierarchy in which different people are assigned different tasks. Everyone must fulfill their appointed tasks. We used to live in a world without God, but now we are going to live with God. This is why the rulers and people of God’s kingdom must be holy (Jn 17:17-19). This is the new command in the new kingdom of New Spiritual Israel.

There is no kingdom, there are no priests, and there is no salvation without the one who overcomes. Everyone must see and understand this in the New Testament. Since the promised blessings are given to a person only when he overcomes, the one who overcomes is God’s promised pastor (Rv 2-3; Rv 12; Rv 21:7).