The errors of MBC’s PD Note

MBC’s PD Note aired a biased program concerning Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ). Was it premeditated or was it a simple mistake? Did they do so against their will? We consider them guilty because of their biased attitude toward us and their defense of conversion education. It would not be surprising if MBC aired the biased program about SCJ with the hope of increasing its viewer ratings. Not only did MBC ignore the truth about SCJ, its leaders actively fabricated details and presented their lies in such a way that made SCJ seem guilty.
Soon after MBC PD Note’s false report was aired, prosecutors and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism thoroughly investigated SCJ. Their report concluded that SCJ was innocent of any wrongdoing. Some members of the Korean Christian press as well select members of Korean society interviewed leaders from SCJ and agreed that PD Note had broadcast lies. Despite these claims, MBC did not air a real correction. Why not? The leaders of MBC were unwilling to fix their mistakes because they were unconcerned about the damage they caused SCJ. The leaders of MBC refused to air a correction because they were only interested in maintaining their reputation and gaining more authority.
MBC PD Note’s false broadcast can be traced back to the lies of a man named Shin, a former member of SCJ. A short while after he was expelled, Shin began to claim he had been second in command inside SCJ. Furthermore, Shin began conducting seminars in which he slandered SCJ. He united with a group of conversion education pastors (those who receive money for converting SCJ members to thier denomination) to sabotage SCJ and convert SCJ members to his own back to their denomination. Shin lied to the MBC producers and a pastor’s wife who is a friend of an MBC executive. MBC PD Note decided to work together with Shin and the conversion education pastors to broadcast lies that they hoped would increase ratings. Shin betrayed SCJ and attempted to stage a coup d’tat. Now, he has now sided with the conversion pastors. He spread lies that the Chairman of SCJ is a counterfeit Jesus. Shin did this with the intention of expelling the Chairman and taking over his position. SCJ believers, however, recognized Shin’s lies and expelled him.
There are several reasons why members of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) are false believers. The cult experts appointed by the CCK include a person who claims tritheism, a person who called Mr. Lee (i.e. Chairman of SCJ) Jesus and who told people to pray in Mr. Lee’s name, and a person who claimed the four living creatures represent the four gospels. Anyone can see through these lies. Nonetheless, members of the CCK lied to MBC and the program PD Note broadcast a false report about SCJ. The CCK must apologize to the citizens of Korea and to SCJ. MBC’s PD Note must also broadcast an on-air apology to SCJ.
We the members of SCJ have been patient and tolerant. We, who have been sealed (Rv 7), gave up our lives for Jesus long ago. We no longer consider our own lives, but Christ who lives in us (Gal 2:20). Therefore, anyone who persecutes and kills us is persecuting and killing Christ. We want people to know this, but how can the unenlightened understand?