The place of salvation Jesus promised in the New Testament

The eastern prophets Siddhartha and Confucius both described a place of salvation that would be a place of victory by way of a cross (궁을지간십승지). Where is the shelter of salvation described by Jesus? When does it appear?

The people of the world now claim salvation saying, “We are saved, we have received holy spirit, and we are orthodox.” Why then did Jesus question whether he would find faith on the earth at the time of his return (Lk 18:8)? It is hard to believe whether anyone is saved or even orthodox before Jesus’ second coming. Physical Israel was God’s one and only chosen nation 2,000 years ago, but it was brought to an end when Jesus came. Since that time Jesus’ new nation of Spiritual Israel has proclaimed Jesus’ gospel to the whole world. Two thousand years ago, God and his kingdom of heaven came to a male child (Jesus) born of a virgin according to Old Testament promises (Is 7:14; Mt 1:18-23). God’s spirit descended onto Jesus like a dove after he was baptized by John the Baptist at the Jordan River. Since Jesus was with God, he was the kingdom of heaven (Mt 3:13-17; Jn 1:32-34).

Among all the churches of Spiritual Israel, where do Jesus and the kingdom of heaven come at the time of the second coming? To whom does he come? When does he come? At the time of the second coming, Jesus and the kingdom of heaven come to the one who overcomes in Rv 3:12 and he sits down with Jesus on his throne (Rv 3:21). Jesus gives the one who overcomes the food that endures eternal life, the fruit of life (Rv 2:7), the hidden manna, the white stone (authority to judge) (Rv 2:17), and the iron scepter to rule all nations (Rv 2:26-29). The male child who rules with the iron scepter was born of the woman clothed in sun, moon, and stars (Israel) in front of the dragon in Rv 12. This child fights the dragon and overcomes it to rule all nations with the iron scepter. The woman clothed in sun, moon, and stars is a spiritual woman—a pastor of Spiritual Israel. The male child born of the spiritual woman is born to the pastor by the seed of God’s spirit (Rv 12:5).

When does this happen? Where does it happen? It happens at the time of the second coming of the Lord when Revelation is fulfilled.

It happens at the tabernacle of heaven where the sun rises (Rv 7:2). The returning Jesus comes to the one who overcomes (Rv 3:12; Rv 3:21). Another eastern prophet said “suhgidongrae” (서기동래, 西氣東來), which means the gospel moves from the west to the east. This means that God and Jesus, who came to the west, will come to the east. On Earth, the sun always rises in the east. When you look at the Earth from space, you can see it is round. Which east is this talking about? In fact, it is referring to the tabernacle of heaven where the spiritual sun, moon, and stars reside—where the seven stars are (Rv 1:9-20).

As mentioned above, the Lord is coming to the spiritual male child born to the pastor of this tabernacle at the time of the second coming (Rv 12:1-5). At the appointed time, God came to the thirty year old Jesus when he was baptized by John the Baptist at the Jordan River (Mt 3:13-17). In the same way, the Lord comes to this male child, the new John, who is spiritually baptized at a spiritual river by the seven stars (seven messengers) of the tabernacle who prepare the way. These seven messengers take the role of John the Baptist (Mt 3:13-17). Pastors represented by the beast with seven heads and ten horns invade the tabernacle of the seven messengers who prepared the way so they can destroy it along with its people (Rv 13). For his second coming, Jesus comes to the spiritual Mt. Zion and the sea of glass before God’s throne where the twelve tribes have been gathered after they have fought and overcome the pastors who destroyed the betraying congregation members of the former tabernacle of heaven (Rv 12; Rv 7; Rv 14:1-5; 15:2-5).

Believers must obey the words of the Bible as they seek God’s promised place so they can enter the shelter of salvation. There is only one place the promised word of revelation can be found. There is only one place the promised pastor and the promised shelter of salvation are. There is only one place all nations must go—Mt. Zion, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rv 15:5).