The place in the Bible believers must find and go

Since the Old Testament has already been fulfilled, no further explanation is necessary. Let us examine the place promised in the New Testament.

Revelation 7 promises a place to which 144,000 people are harvested and sealed. Revelation 14 calls this same place Mt. Zion. The time these things happen is called the time of the harvest because the sealed 144,000 are called firstfruits. Mount Zion is the location of God’s throne, the four living creatures, and the 24 elders. It is also the only place people can learn the new song (i.e. the new word). The 144,000 people gathered at Mt. Zion are the twelve tribes created through the seal of the living God. Mount Zion is synonymous with the sea of glass before God’s throne (Rv 15) where those who have been victorious over the beast, his image, and the number of his name (Rv 13) are gathered. This place is also called the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Since Jesus said this is the place all nations must come and worship, shouldn’t all believers be searching for it?

The Bible uses the term Mt. Zion both literally and figuratively. The Mt. Zion in Rv 14 is figurative. Isaiah 60:14 refers to Jesus as Zion and as a city (or temple). In addition, Zec 2:7 refers to the people seized in Babylon as Zion. Clearly Zion does not refer to a place; it refers to people. Revelation 11 uses the names of historical places figuratively. Revelation 11 figuratively refers to the place the two witnesses are killed as Sodom, Egypt, and the place the Lord was crucified. It is referring to those places because all of them were places God’s chosen people were held captive by gentiles.

In the same way, the way Mt. Zion appears today is also figurative. In the same way the Old Testament prophecies figuratively referred to Jesus as Zion, the one who overcomes the organization of Satan in this generation is called Zion and the holy city of God in the New Testament prophecies. By extension, Zion also refers to the place the one who overcomes can be found—the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Believers can only attain salvation by coming to this place because it is where God resides. Believers must come, believe, and obey the words of the prophecies and their physical fulfillment (Mt 7:21; Jn 14:23; Rv 1:3). Again, salvation can only be found in this one place. Just as Rv 2 and Rv 3 state, God, Jesus, and the promised kingdom of heaven will come to the place where those who overcome in Rv 12 and Rv 15 are gathered. This is the same place the one who overcomes—the pastor with the promised food of eternal life and the authority to judge—can be found.

We in Shinchonji are testifying about the physical fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation, which we have seen and heard. Do you still refuse to believe?