The one who overcomes from the Christian point of view

Who is the one who overcomes from the Christian point of view? First, let’s find out about what is means to overcome. Against whom does the one who overcomes fight?
Overcoming is winning a fight to the death. The one who overcomes fights death itself-he fights the authority death has over people, which means he fights and overcomes the devil (Eph6:10-17).
Who fights with whom? God (a Holy Spirit) and the devil (an evil spirit) are at war (Rv12). The soldiers actually fighting the battles are the pastors who belong to each side (1 Jn4:1-6). With what do they fight to overcome? People on God’s side overcome their enemies with the sword of truth (Eph 6:17; Heb 4:12). The enemy’s arrows are persecution, curses, and lies (Mt 7:1-3; Jn 8:44). God’s weapons are the true words of the correct testimony (Rv 12:11).
Who is the one who overcomes?
David fought and overcame Goliath to save his nation (1Sm1 17). Jacob fought and overcame an angel to become Israel (Gn 32:24-28) and established the kingdom of the twelve tribes (Ex 28:21; Ex 39:14). Jesus fought and overcame the world (i.e. the pastors of the world-Jn 16:33) to become Spiritual Israel and established the twelve tribes (Acts 26:7; Jas 1:1). Likewise, today, the one who overcomes promised in Revelation (Rv 2-3) has already fought and become New Spiritual Israel and established the twelve tribes. Anyone who hears and understands the word-the voice of the Lord calling out to those held captive in Babylon (i.e. the pastors of the Satan and his beast)-will overcome and escape (Rv 17:14; Rv 18:4).
To conclude, the one who overcomes fought and overcame death, the devil, and the false pastors of the world. He overcomes with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony (Rv 12:10-11). The blood of Jesus is the word of Jesus. The word of testimony is the testimony about the physical fulfillment of the prophecies as it was seen. Although death has been reign over humanity for in the past, the Spirit of God will be with men after the one who overcome wins. The spirit of death will leaves men, and life will reign in earth as the Spirit of God is with men (1Co 15:26, 51-54, Rv 20:6; 21:1-4).