Shinchonji Church of Jesus and MBC’s PD Note

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) is different from other churches. The word SCJ preaches is not from men but from God and Jesus (Jn 6:45; Rv 1:-22:). Our church name, Shinchonji Church of Jesus—Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, was prophesied in the Bible (Rv 21:1; Rv 15:5). SCJ is not worn-out and corrupt like the rest of the world’s churches. SCJ has been created by God according to the Bible (Rv 7; Rv 14). SCJ has mastered the Bible and teaches the revealed word clearly (Rv 6; Rv 10) by answering who, when, where, what, why and how (R 1:2; Rv 14:3; Rv 22:16). SCJ members believe and act according to the Bible. This is Shinchonji Church of Jesus. Since we are God’s creation, anyone who tries to harm us will be forced to surrender (Is 54:15). We have repeatedly proposed public debates with the groups who continue to call us a cult without reason, but they have never responded to our requests. They are afraid because they have no evidence to support their arguments. In the end, their refusal to respond to us means they have forfeited and SCJ is victorious after all. They should remember that the Bible says a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him (2 Pt 2:19).

MBC PD note

Last year, the South Korean TV station MBC aired an episode of their program PD Note that was entirely biased and designed to slander SCJ by distorting the truth. Why did they do that? Some people claimed that the government was involved, but this was just a rumor. In fact, the producers of MBC’s PD Note simply trusted the information they received from an informant without doing anything to confirm‍ it. They took everything the informant said at face value and created the program to tell their own story.

This is what we witnessed concerning the MBC PD Note episode about Shinchonji. MBC’s informant was a man named Mr. Shin, who used to be in Shinchonji. He was expelled from Shinchonji for attempting to lead a coup d’état and install himself as the chairman of Shinchonji. Since then, he has united with a group of pastors running conversion education programs designed to destroy Shinchonji convert its members to their denomination. Together, Mr. Shin and the conversion education pastors lied about Shinchonji to the staff of MBC. These people believed their lies because they belong to the same denomination. MBC PD Note created a distorted report about SCJ because they failed to confirm‍ whether their informants were telling the truth. Now, however, the truth has been revealed.

Mr. Shin claims to be a Christian, yet he betrayed Jesus and his word because of his desire to be higher. As part of his failed attempt at seizing control in SCJ, Mr. Shin proclaimed that SCJ congregation members must pray in the name of the SCJ Chairman instead of in Jesus’ name. He also claimed believers must drink the Chairman’s blood instead of the blood of Jesus. Doesn’t this make Mr. Shin the antichrist (1 Jn 2:18-19)? The pastors who have united with Mr. Shin are sending perfectly sane people to be confined at a mental institute until they agree to stop attending SCJ. They have even condoned the actions of a believer who murdered his wife just because she refused to stop attending SCJ and change her denomination.

Thus far, SCJ has not sought vengeance for the sins of this betrayer and the false pastors working with him or for the lies MBC broadcast about SCJ members. We believe in the Lord and are obedient to him. Jesus promised that vengeance belonged to him and he will certainly repay every wrongdoing (Heb 10:30). In fact, even if we were to seek reparations, all of MBC’s assets would be inadequate to because their lies were so great. We in SCJ believe, however, that God will repay them for what they have done.

MBC is a public broadcasting company funded by Korean taxpayers. They have abused their status by spreading lies over the air and encouraging their viewers to believe lies. This is no longer just about SCJ. They have aired false reports about mad cow disease, stem cell research, and others. These reports are harmful to the Korean government and the Korean people. To what laws does MBC adhere? Who ordered them to air unjust and unrighteous reports? If they still have a conscience, they will air full apologies and retractions. They should work to erase all the lies they have spread on the Internet and they should shut down their entire operation with hearts full of repentance.

So many believers have seen the distorted broadcasting of MBC’s PD Note; so many people have listened to the false pastors and the betrayer who left SCJ. Although the courts sided with SCJ, we hope that such a thing will never happen again. God’s victory is SCJ’s victory.