Reality of today’s Christian world

Today is the end of the religious world and the time of Revelation’s fulfillment. What has happened in Christian world and what is happening today?

The seven stars which are the messengers who prepare the way and the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstand appeared as promised in Rv 1, 2 and 3. Satan’s pastor, the Nicolaitan too appeared there. The messengers of the tabernacle received the teaching of the Nicolaitans, ate the food sacrificed to the idols and committed sexual immorality with the Satan’s pastors. Jesus showed what happened in the tabernacle to one person (pastor) and sent a letter of repentance to them through him.

The seven messengers did not repent even after receiving the letters. Thus, they were thrown out of God’s house in Rv 6 just t as Adam was thrown out. After this, the angel coming up from the east seal people with God’s word.

Satan’s pastor enter the tabernacle of heaven in Rv 13. They fought the saints there and defeated them. In result, they marked the mark of the beast on their forehead and hand, and those who received the mark worshiped the beast (false pastors). 144,000 people of the twelve tribes who are sealed learn a new song in Rv 14. The seven bowls of wrath were poured out onto the kingdom and throne of the beast (denominations) and those who received the mark of the beast in Rv 15 and 16. All nations drank the Satan’s maddening wine of adultery and collapsed in Rv 17 and 18. All nations were judged because they married the spirit of demon and they led astray in Rv 17 and 18.

Today, the guests to the wedding banquet of the lamb are gathered to Mt. Zion in Rv 19. Children (believers) of the light who belong to the day know this fact although they live in the world of darkness and this is how God’s kingdom and priests are created (Rv 1:6; Rv 5:9-10). Those who came to the light of the Bible after awakening will see this fact to believe and confess. Children of darkness who belong to the night will not know this just like the people at the first coming (1Thess 5:1-5). The new testament was given to us before it happens so that when it does happen we will believe (Jn 14:29). How would those who belong to the night know it?