Promises in the New Testament and the secrets of the kingdom of heaven

At the first coming, Jesus spoke about the secret of the seed in Mt 13. He used figurative language when he talked about the secrets of the kingdom of heaven (Mk 4:10-11). He also warned us not to add or subtract anything from the book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19).

There are three mysteries in Revelation: the mystery of the seven stars (Rv 1:20), the mystery of the seven pastors of the devil (Rv 17:7), and the mystery of the seventh and final trumpet (Rv 10:7). The events of Revelation occur in the order of betrayal, destruction, and salvation. The judgment of the betrayers and destroyers occurs in the following order: the seven seals are opened (Rv 6; Rv 8:1-2), the seven trumpets are blown (Rv 8; Rv 9; Rv 11:15), and the seven bowls are poured out (Rv 16).

The book of revelation is given to just one person (Jn 16:25; Rv 1:17-19; Rv 10) at an appointed time (Hb 2:2-3). Anyone, other than that one person, who claims to know the true meaning of Revelation is a liar. The one who knows Revelation is the one who testifies about its physical fulfillment (Rv 1:2; Rv 22:8, 16). When the Lord fulfills the prophecies of Revelation and reveals their physical fulfillment, the Lord makes it known to his one chosen person. In the time of the end of the Old Testament, the world became a possession of Satan. Today, at the time of the end of the New Testament, the world has again been handed completely over to Satan. This happens because the devil works very hard in each generation to enter pastors who have amassed great ecclesiastical authority (Mt 4; Rv 18).

During the time of Jesus’ first coming, it seemed as if the Jewish pastors and believers were carrying out a proper and diligent life of faith. If that were true, why did they try to kill God and his son Jesus (Mt 27)? They did so because the devil had entered and was working through them (Jn 8). If we consider how these events took place at the time of the first coming, it is not so hard to understand the situation at the second coming. The scriptures say that all nations fall and marry the devil in the time of the New Testament’s fulfillment (Rv 18).

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, no one in the religious world was righteous. No one knew God or Jesus; no one understood the will of God (Rom 3:10-12). There was no one who knew the contents of the sealed scroll (Is 29:9-14; Hb 2:2-3; Ez 1-3). When God’s chosen people have been captured by gentiles, God opens the sealed scroll and gives it to one pastor of his choosing. God also designates a place his chosen pastor must go. Jesus was the one who received the opened scroll at the time of the first coming. This was why people could only know God by receiving the revelation through Jesus (Mt 11:27).

Similarly, in the time of the New Testament’s fulfillment, no one knows the meaning of Revelation until God opens the sealed scroll through his chosen pastor. At that time, anyone else who claims to have received salvation and the holy spirit or to be orthodox is lying. If they had really received the spirit, they should have mastered the Bible and the revelation—the deep and mysterious things of heaven (1 Cor 2:10). How can people who dwell in darkness without the light of life (i.e. the word) be saviors? If they themselves are as dark as night, how can they claim to have received the holy spirit and to be orthodox? It is only when they receive the revelation from heaven that they can testify like Jesus, Apostle John, and Paul did (Rv 1:1; Gal 1:11-12).

Today, just like in the time of the Old Testament and the time of the first coming, those who do not receive the revelation, do not know God or Jesus and they cannot attain salvation. Please refer to Mt 11:27 and Rv 10:10-11to understand how the prophecies about the giving of the revelation in the Old and New Testaments were fulfilled. All believers today must know who they are and what time they are living. In other words, they must be able to discern the times and find the place from which the revealed word is coming. The revealed word is life and light. This is why places without the revealed word can be compared to the darkness of night. Please read 1 Thes 5.

Comparing Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) with the churches of the world is like comparing heaven and earth. This is because SCJ has the revealed word and has mastered the book of Revelation. It is also because the members of SCJ are good grains harvested from the field—from the churches of the world (Mt 13:30; Rv 14:14-16; Rv 14:1-5). No one receives salvation and goes to heaven unless they receive the revealed word through Shinchonji Church of Jesus—the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. The churches of the world, on the other hand, are full of curses, persecution, and lies.

There are people today who preach the revealed word, but there are also people who prevent others from receiving it. Only by realizing this can people recognize who belongs to the first group and who belongs to the second. This message becomes the evidence that distinguishes the two groups.

Let’s work hard to help others seek the path of life. People at the first coming persecuted Jesus to cover their shame. We must not make the same mistake. We speak boldly about what we know. People who love the light will be happy to speak with us, but people who prefer darkness will stay in the darkness. In addition, the conversion education programs murdering people’s spirits must stop. Those who participate in these conversion education programs are worse than the servants of dogs (Is 56:9-11). The prophecies of Jn 16:1-2 were fulfilled in Calvin and are being fulfilled again in the conversion education pastors who belong to Calvin’s Presbyterian Church. These people murder others physically and spiritually just because they refuse to convert to the Presbyterian denomination. It is time to repent!