Creation of the temple according to the plan

There are two kinds of temples; spiritual and physical. The physical temple is a building made out of physical materials. Spiritual temple is a house made out of the word (1Co 3:9, 16-17). As the physical house has a blueprint for building, the spiritual house has a blueprint which is the Bible.

There are two kinds of spiritual house (temple). The one is a true temple that is built according to the Bible. The other is a house built by the lies which is not according to God’s will. God resides in the temple built according to God’s will. However, the devil resides in the house built by the lies which is one’s own thoughts which is not God’s will. Among these two kinds of houses, one must destroy (judge) the devil’s house with the true word of the Bible and build the true temple with the truth again (Jer 1:10). Thus, God can reside in the new temple that was built again.

Therefore, there are temples built in people’s heart. and fields in people’s hearts (1Co 3:9). Two kinds of seeds are sown in that field. The one is God’s seed and the other is the devil’s seed. The seed are the word (Lk 8:11; Mt 13:24-30). One must root out the seed of the devil which is the lies sown in his heart and sow a seed of God to be born again to become God’s son (Mt 13:37-39). The only tool that can root out the devil’s seed in people’s hearts is God’s word of truth. When one listens to the truth, if he understands that the word he received are wrong, the lies in his heart are pulled out. when he acknowledges that what he hears is the truth, the word of truth is being sown.

When God’s seed is received in people’s heart where men’s seeds used to be sown, one is born again to become God’s children (Lk 8:11; Jn 3:5-66; 1Pt 1:23). From this time on, one can call God father and God will acknowledge him as his son. People can be God’s children or Satan’s children depending on whose seeds they received (Jn 8). God’s children go to God’s kingdom of heaven. Devil’s children receive the judgment in hell with the devil, their father due to their sins.

It is up to you whether you listen or not. It is up to you which one to choose. It would be good to come to learn at Mt.Zion where the bible is mastered with the twelve tribes (Rv 7; Rv 14).