Who married the demons of Babylon in Revelation 18?

Our main passage for today is Rv 18:23.

The marriage with Babylon’s demons in this passage is a spiritual marriage—a marriage of evil spirits and flesh.

Christians do not realize that the pastors of their churches are the pastors of Babylon, the kingdom of demons (Rv 17:5). Instead, they think that their pastors are God’s pastors and that their churches are God’s churches. They join their churches and unite with them because they believe their churches and pastors are orthodox. This includes the people at the tabernacle of heaven mentioned in Rv 13 and everyone who has married the demons of Babylon (Rv 18:23). Revelation 17 says that the kings of the earth (i.e. its pastors) and the inhabitants of the earth (congregation members) are intoxicated with the wine of the adulteries (Rv 17:2). This means that all nations (ships on the sea) have collapsed under the ecclesiastical authority and power of Babylon (Rv 18:2-3), which is the organization of the great prostitute.

Revelation records the events that occur in the time of the second coming of the Lord, which is also the end of the age of Spiritual Israel.

The end of Spiritual Israel occurs in Rv 6. Then, after Rv 6, New Spiritual Israel, which is led by the one who overcomes, is created in Rv 7. The tabernacle of heaven in Rv 13 represents the denomination and people that is destroyed by ecclesiastical authority of Babylon’s pastors (beasts). The people of this tabernacle are destroyed because they receive the mark of the beast and worship him. After this, in Rv 14, the good grain (those who are sealed) are harvested are gathered to create the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel.

After all nations marry the demons in Rv 18, the people who are gathered from the north, south, east, and west marry the Lamb at the wedding banquet of God’s kingdom (Mt 8:11; Lk 13:28-30).

Believers must discern the time and location of these events. They also must distinguish true and false pastors. Believers must seek the way of life, believe, and obey so they can be saved.

This testimony is true because it is being given by someone who witnessed the events of Revelation’s fulfillment (Rv 1:2; Rv 22:16).