The promised pastor and the destination of true believers

Who is the pastor promised in the New Testament? Where is the destination believers must reach?

First, let us learn about the pastor promised in the New Testament. The pastor promised in the New Testament is the one who fights and overcomes Satan’s false pastors who rule the spiritual nation of Babylon (Rv 2, 3, and 12). He is also the one who receives and testifies the word of revelation (Rv 10).

The promised pastor witnesses the fulfillment of the prophecies and testifies about what he sees and hears according to the command of heaven (Rv 1:2; Rv 22:16). All believers need this pastor.

Salvation is possible only after Satan’s pastors are defeated (Rv 12:7-11) and the one who overcomes—the promised pastor—creates the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom (Rv 7, 14). The one who overcomes receives the hidden manna that endures to eternal life, the white stone of judgment, and the iron scepter with which he will rule all nations. He receives Jesus’ new name and the name of the holy city New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven. He also sits down with Jesus on his throne and reigns. People who go to the one who overcomes to receive salvation (Rv 2-3) are going to God, Jesus, and the kingdom of heaven. This is a promise recorded in the New Testament. The one who overcomes is truly the promised pastor.

Where, then, is the destination promised in the New Testament to which all believers must go? All nations must go to the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, where those who are victorious over the group of dragon—the beast with the seven heads and ten horns—have gathered (Rv 15:2-5). At the end of the Christian world, believers must leave their pastors and churches and be harvested to the place appointed for salvation (Mt 13:30; Rv 14:1-5).

How can the congregation members of pastors who do not know the promised words of the Bible understand the Bible themselves? How can they know the places and pastor promised in the Bible? The Bible says that people who do not know and understand are destroyed (Hos 4:6; 2 Pt 3:16; Jude 1:10). Believers in the end times must first understand the meaning of the Bible (Hos 6:6; Eph 3:18-19). People should decide whether or not to believe only after learning the true meaning of the Bible. God’s will and promises (prophecies) recorded in the Bible will be surely be fulfilled. When people close their hearts and minds—when they refuse to study— the Bible becomes useless to them.

Today, the members of Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) have understood the word. We are no longer spiritually hungry, but the members of the world’s churches do not understand and are spiritually starved (Am 8:11; Mt 24:7). No matter who you are, no one can attain salvation without being born again through the revealed word of SCJ. Believers who think they have it all without understanding the word will face their doom just like the people living in the times of Noah and Lot (Mt 24:37-39; Lk 17:26-30).

Those who cross over from death to life will attain salvation (Mt 24:15-16; Rv 17:14; Rv 18:4).

Those who ignore these words saying, “I am orthodox. I am saved and have received the Holy Spirit,” will not be saved. We at SCJ are praying their salvation.