The previous world and the world that is newly created in every generation

Although God created Adam and his generation, as soon as Adam’s world sinned, God judged them with the flood. God found Noah in the midst of Adam’s corrupt generation and tried to realize his will through Noah’s generation (Gn 6:9-17). When Ham and Canaan, who were Noah’s descendants, sinned (Gn 9:18-27), God made a promise with Abraham and began to fulfill that promise through Moses four generations later (Ex 3, 12). God judged Canaan and his descendants and put Moses in charge over the nation of Israel. God gave Moses the law (Ex 20) so Moses could lead them effectively.

Israel was divided into northern and southern kingdoms (centered around their respective capitals of Samaria and Jerusalem) because they served gentile gods during the reign of King Solomon. Eleven tribes belonged to the northern kingdom and the tribe of Judah to the southern kingdom. In the time of Isaiah, the city of Jerusalem in the southern kingdom of Judah joined its neighbors to the north as a possession of the gentiles (1 Kgs 11-12; Is 1).

It was during this time of destruction that the Old Testament prophets foretold the virgin birth of Jesus through the work of the holy spirit (Is 7:14; Mt 1:18-21). From the time of Jesus’ birth, the laws, the prophets, and the prophecies of the Old Testament came to an end (Mt 11:13; Lk 16:16); the era of life by faith began (Gal 3:23-29). The nation of Physical Israel came to an end, and Jesus founded Spiritual Israel as a nation built on the foundation of faith (Jn 1:12-13). Adam began in the Garden of Eden, Noah on Mt. Ararat, Moses on Mt. Sinai, Joshua in Shechem, and Jesus in Galilee. Today, the messengers of the seven stars began their work in South Korea on Cheonggae mountain, and the one who overcomes began his work on a small prayer mountain in nearby Indeogwon.

The world of Jesus’ second coming.

In his first coming, Jesus came for sinners (Mt 9:11-13), but his second coming is not concerned with sin; Jesus comes to those who are waiting for him (Heb 9:28). Today, just like what happened at the time of the first coming (Mt 4), the world of religion has become Satan’s world (Rv 18-19). This is the time when tongues, prophecies, and partial testimonies come to an end (1 Cor 13:8-10). Since the things that were promised and the things for which we hoped have appeared, it is time to come together and see the truth face-to-face (1 Cor 13:12). The world of the first heaven (Spiritual Israel), which lasted for over 2,000 years, has come to an end in fulfillment of the prophecies of the New Testament (Rv 6, 13). The time has come for the world of the second heaven to be revealed (Rv 7, 14). The churches of the world belong to the generation of the first heaven, but Shinchonji Church of Jesus belongs to the new heaven promised in the New Testament (Rv 21:1). Today, the time of harvest has come; the pastors and churches of the world have met their end (Mt 13:30, 39-40). Believers need no longer run here and there looking for truth and salvation. The time has come for people to find the true path of the Bible (Mt 7:7-8, 13-14) and meet the angels of heaven angels (Heb 13:2).

We are ringing out the old and ringing out the new. All creation has been eagerly anticipating the era of the new heaven and new earth. When this work is accomplished, people will no longer grow older. Believers must remember the work of every generation, they must find the place that is being persecuted because of its righteousness (Mt 5:10-12; Jn 15:18-19). If you are persecuted with us because of righteous, the hand of salvation will also come upon you.