The causes of religious persecution

True religion was created by the one and only God. There are two types of spirits (gods) in the world: holy spirits and evil spirits. Both kinds of spirits enter people and work through them. When different types of spirits enter two groups of people, the groups fight against each other (Jn 8). How can we distinguish people whom holy spirits have entered and people whom evil spirits have entered? This is a problem we must solve.

The Bible, which was authored by God, is a book that recounts the activities of people through whom the spirit of God was working and others through whom evil spirits belonging to the devil were working. People who know the Bible can use it to discern the spirits dwelling in each group of people (1 Jn 4:1-6). Believers must be know and believe the Bible. People who do not know and believe the Bible cannot be considered true believers.

Pastors throughout the Old and New Testaments can be divided into three categories: pastors of prophecy, general pastors, and promised pastors. Pastors of prophecy were selected by God from among the chosen people. God revealed future events to his people through pastors of prophecy like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. General pastors include the rulers of God’s chosen people—the elders and priests. Promised pastors are those whom God promised in advance through the pastors of prophecy. John the Baptist (the messenger who prepared the way) and Jesus (the savior) were promised pastors (Is 7:14; Mal 3:1; Mt 1:18-23; Mt 17:10-13). In both the times of the Old and New Testaments, it was never the gentiles or non-believers who were responsible for the killing of the pastors of prophecy and the promised pastors sent by God to his chosen people. In fact, the rulers of the chosen people—their elders and priests—were the ones responsible for killing God’s true pastors (Mt 27).

Why did the religious leaders kill God’s messengers?

God sent his promised pastor (messenger) when his chosen people had grown corrupt. God’s messenger pointed out the sins of that generation’s corrupt pastors and urged them to repent. He also taught the believers of that generation things their own corrupt pastors did not understand and did things their pastors could not do.

The corrupt pastors at the time of the first coming belonged to the earth. Jesus and his followers, however, belonged to heaven. This is why the Jews hated and persecuted Jesus and his followers (Jn 15:18-21). Ultimately, although Jesus was supposed to receive God’s inheritance (Lk 20:9-16), the corrupt leaders of the time even killed him because they did not want to surrender their churches and congregation members.

Although many people at the time wanted to follow Jesus, their pastors prevented them from doing so (Mt 23:13-15). This proves how corrupt they really were. To avoid any loss of power, the Sanhedrin put Jesus to death by having him crucified (Mt 26:57-68; Mt 27). Regardless of whether you look at the time of the Old Testament or the New Testament, corrupt believers belonging to the world have abused their ecclesiastical authority to persecute and murder the true pastors sent by God (Acts 7:52; Jn 15:18-21)

The one who overcomes (the promised pastor) in Shinchonji Church of Jesus does not stand on his own. God has chosen and appointed him. He has become New Spiritual Israel by fighting against and overcoming the enemies promised in the Bible. According to biblical prophecies, the one who overcomes has established the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom and priests, and those twelve tribes have been bearing twelve kinds of fruit through the work of the harvest (Rv 12; Rv 7; Rv 14; Rv 22:1-2).

The twelve tribes of Shinchonji Church of Jesus are God’s creation. Just like what happened in the time of the first coming, God will not sit idly by and watch as the pastors of all the world’s denominations gather and plot to destroy his precious creation. The pastors of world world must repent and learn the truth. They must come to the path where everyone can live together in harmony.

We, the people of Shinchonji, have mastered the Bible. No one else has ever been able to do this (1 Cor 2:10). We have been sealed by the revealed word (Rv 7). God’s kingdom and priests are promised for us (Rv 1:5-6; Rv 5:9-10). We have fulfilled and are fulfilling the prophecies of the Bible without adding to or subtracting from them (Rv 21:6; Rv 22:18-19).

True Christians must love Christianity and keep Jesus’ commands (Jn 14:23; Rv 1:3).