The appointed tasks of pastors at the end of the age

The end of the age refers to the end of Christianity. It is also the time of the Lord’s second coming. The signs of the end of the age and of the second coming include the betrayal of God’s chosen people, the destruction of the chosen people by gentiles, and salvation (2 Thes 2:1-3). These signs take place in this order. This is when the roles played by churches and their pastors, the authority of the elders, and the prophecies come to an end. The world of the first (or former) heaven comes to an end, and the world of the second heaven begins (Is 65:17-18; Mt 24:29-31). This newly created world (i.e. the world of the second heaven) is the world of the twelve tribes. The twelve tribes are made up of people born of God’s seed and sealed by the word (Rv 21:1-3; Jas 1:18; Rv 7:1-4). In other words, they are people who have mastered the Bible. The churches of the previous world (the world of the first heaven) come to an end when the time of harvest begins (Mt 13:38-40), as do the appointed tasks of their pastors. Since these pastors were appointed to preach the prophecies, they also come to an end when the era of the physical fulfillment has come. At the time of the fulfillment, the physical fulfillment of the prophecies appears and is proclaimed—the words of the prophecies are made flesh.

As churches and their pastors disappear, the appointed tasks of the elders, who have excelled in amassing ecclesiastical authority, also come to an end. Again, the end of the age is the time when the churches, pastors, elders, and prophecies all come to an end. Biblically speaking, as this new era begins, pastors of the previous generation who continue to serve as pastors are practicing lawlessness. Their actions are not fit for the new era.

Pastors who understand the reality of the present (Mt 16:3; Lk 12:56) will joyfully entrust their sheep to the pastors of the new generation. In doing so, they will save themselves and their sheep. Today, people are born again of God’s seed to resemble God’s image and likeness (Lk 8:11; Jn 3:5; Jas 1:18; 1 Pt 1:23). God’s kingdom (heaven) is being created on earth today as his people are fruitful, increase in number, and are sealed with the word. The kingdom and priests of the new heaven have mastered the path (i.e. the word) through Jesus’ blood (Rv 5:9-10). A great multitude dressed in white are chosen as the new people of heaven. Their sins are washed away by the blood of Christ Jesus (Rv 7:9-14). Even people without the word and who have not yet mastered the path (i.e. the word) can become priests of the new heaven as long as they are sealed by Jesus’ blood. The great multitude dressed in white also become the people of heaven as their sins are washed away.

The first heaven came to an end because neither its pastors nor its congregation members had the word. In fact, since they did not have the word, these pastors have ruled their people using only ecclesiastical authority. A pastor is not acknowledged by God just by being ordained to rule over a church. Only people who do the will of the father in heaven and who are born again of the seed of the word—those who master the word—are acknowledged by God as true pastors. Furthermore, people do not become the people of heaven just by claiming to believe and be the children of God. Only those who do the will of the father in heaven—those who are born again of the seed of the word—can become the children of heaven and attain salvation.

To acquire salvation at the end of the age, believers must believe and follow the words of the harvesters rather than the words of their own pastors (Mt 13). In the age of the new heaven, there is no regard to positions of authority; pastors, elders, and congregation members alike must be born again to be acknowledged by God. The new pastors and people of heaven are those who are sealed and born again of God’s seed (Rv 7).