Betrayal, destruction, and salvation

Jesus and his disciples spoke consistently about a savior who would come and carry out the work of salvation after the betrayal and destruction of God’s chosen people (e.g. 2 Thes 2:1-12). They also prophesied that after the subjects of the kingdom (the chosen people) have been cast out like Adam was, those who are gathered from the north, south, east, and west to participate in the wedding banquet will attain salvation (Mt 8:11-12; Lk 13:28-30).
Who has been cast out today? Where have they gone? When are these events supposed to happen? At the end of the world of Christianity-at the time of the second coming –God’s chosen people, who were once united with God, have been deceived by the sudden appearance of Satan’s ecclesiastical authority and teaching (secrets). The chosen people believed and followed the teachings of Satan jus as Adam did. This is why they have been destroyed (Rv13; Rv17;Rv18). It was in this time of destruction that God sent his messenger to his chosen people. Although this messenger encouraged God’s former chosen people to repent, they refused to listen and believe his words. This is why the chosen people were cast out just like Adam was (Rv2; Rv3). In other words, the chosen people were thrown out and destroyed because they betrayed God. Figuratively speaking, the sun, moon, and stars, which once belonged to heave, have gone dar and fallen to the groun (Mt 24:29; Rv6).
This event points to the end of the chosen people in Christianity and is referenced in Mt 24. These betraying chosen people are those who have claimed to this very day to believe in Jesus.
The fact that Christianity does not have the word, which symbolizes lif, light, and God (Jn 1:1-4), indicates that Christianity is in a state of spiritual darkness and night. This is the end of the religious world. How can anyone claim to be orthodox and to have received salvation and the holy spirit while ignoring the Bible’s prophecies and this testimony, which is given according to the Bible? In fact, their actions are abominable.
The betrayal and destruction of the chosen people are important events that must occur at the end of the world, which is also know as the time of the harvest (Mt 13:37-39). The churches come to an end a the time of the harvest, and those who are harvested attain salvation. Those who remain in their own churche, on theother hand, are the weeds that fall into the fire of hell (Mt 13:24-30). Believers be careful not to listen to their own pastors at the time of the harvest. Just as the Bible prophesies, Christians must believe and follow the words of the harvesters to attain salvation.
The events in the end tiems happen in the logical order of betrayal, destruction, and salvation (2Thes 2:1-3; Mt 24:14-15). A savior comes and redeems people from destruction (Rv17:14; Rv 18:4). It is only when people believe and obey this message that they will acquire salvation.