What is the maddening wine of adultery and wrath that has made all nations fall?

The main reference for today is Rv 18:3.

The fallen nations represent the world’s churches, and the wine of adultery represents the doctrines of Satan. The wrath[1] refers to God’s anger. The wine is called the maddening wine and the wine of wrath to reveal that God is angry because Satan’s doctrines have caused all nations to fall.

Wine comes from grapes, and grapes come from vines. God has his vine and Satan has his vine (Is 5:1-4). Jesus even called himself the true vine (Jn 15:1-5). He spoke about old wine and old wineskins as well as new wine and new wineskins (Lk 5:37-39). The old wine Jesus spoke about referred to the law, and the old wineskins were the previous generation’s pastors. The new wine, on the other hand, referred to the revealed word, and the new wineskins were Jesus and his disciples (Mt 9:10-17). Satan’s vine, however, is the vine of Sodom, and its wine, which is the venom of serpents, the deadly poison of cobras, refers to Satan’s doctrines (Dt 32:31-33).

Again, the wine refers variously to the law, the revealed word, and Satan’s doctrines. The Law is the old wine, the revealed word is the true wine, and the bad wine represents Satan’s doctrines. Like Adam and Eve, God’s pastors and people betray God, who was their groom, and associate instead with Satan. The doctrines they receive from Satan and convey to others are called the wine of adultery.

When the Bible mentions how all nations are destroyed by the wine of adultery, it is not referring to the end of the world. It is not even referring to the end of the worlds of Buddhism or Judaism. In fact, it is referring to the end of the Christian world. Everyone, including the kings of the earth (religious leaders), the people of the earth, the merchants (evangelists), ship captains (pastors of churches), sailors, and passengers have fallen because of the wine of adultery and the ecclesiastical authority of Babylon (Rv 18). This is about the end of the Christian world. There is one promised pastor whom the heavens have chosen. He saves people by feeding them the food of eternal life. How can the people of the world know this?

We, in Shinchonji Church of Jesus, have seen the physical fulfillment of the prophecies we have been discussing. We are testifying about that fulfillment, and our testimony is true. There is salvation for those who understand and believe.