Is Shinchonji Church of Jesus really a cult?

Shinchonji Church of Jesus is the only truly orthodox group in the world. Those who claim that Shinchonji Church of Jesus is a cult are actually heretics themselves like the people at the time of Jesus’ first coming who called Jesus a heretic.
Why is Shinchonji Church of Jesus orthodox? In fulfillment of the Bible and according to the command of Jesus, Shinchonji became New Spiritual Israel by overcoming and creating the 12 tribes. The people of Shinchonji have mastered the Bible, teach Revelation theology, and live their lives of faith according to the Bible, which contains God’s will. Shinchonji is also orthodox because God, Jesus, and the angels who have prophesied and fulfilled the 12 tribes are with us (Rv 7, 21).
Why are those who claim that Shinchonji Church of Jesus is a cult the real heretics?
1. They making up their minds arbitrarily instead of relying on the Bible, which is God’s promise (Gal 3:1-3; Mt 22:29).
2. They are calling Shinchonji, which is the work of God, a cult without learning Shinchonji’s doctrines for themselves. Since their own doctrines are false (Dt 18:21-22), they mistakenly call Shinchonji’s teachings heresies.
3. They have not kept Jesus’ words and commands (Jn 14:23-24; Rv 1:3). Instead they judge people according to the laws of Calvin, who was himself a heretic and a murderer.
4. They have neglected the book of Revelation, from which nothing should be subtracted and to which nothing should be added (Rv 22:18-19), and they ignore the revealed word. Thus, they are not carrying out their lives of faith according to the will of God.
5. Some have added words to the Lord’s prayer that are not in the Bible (Mt 6:9-13). Many recite the Apostle’s Creed, which is not according to the Bible. In addition, many others bowed down to the image of the Japanese emperor during the Japanese occupation of Korea (i.e. they have worshiped gentile gods).
Although the world’s religious leaders do not even know their own scriptures, the members of Shinchonji Church of Jesus are mastering the entire Bible. Shinchonji members know God, Jesus, and the Bible because we have received the revelation of heaven. We have become new creations by being born again through water and spirit. This is according to the will of God, which Shinchonji members understand and believe. We are proud that Shinchonji members are being sealed with the word. Shinchonji is God’s holy nation, his kingdom of priests, and the people of heaven (Mt 11:27; Jn 3:5-6; Rv 1:1-3; Rv 7; Rv 5:9-10; Rv 21:1-6).
Shinchonji Church of Jesus–Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rv 15:2-5)–is the only place that has been created according to the will of God, which is done on earth as it is in heaven. Shinchonji is the only place where people are living their lives of faith according to God’s will. Those who believe this are those who believe in God and the Bible.