We ask the Christian Council of Korea


It was the pastors of that time who killed the prophets of the Old Testament (Mt 23:34-35; Acts 7:52). It was also the pastors and elders who killed Jesus and his disciples in the time of the New Testament (Mt 27:1-2; Mk 15:1-3). In other words, the people who murdered those sent by God were never nonbelievers.

In a more recent case, a member of Shinchonji Church of Jesus was beaten to death by a member of one of the denominations that belongs to the CCK (Christian Council of Korea). This victim practiced her beliefs according to the the revealed word found in Shinchonji Church of Jesus. She was killed because she refused to convert to the CCK denomination. The CCK is predominantly Presbyterian and Presbyterianism is a Calvinist denomination. After amassing ecclesiastical authority in Geneva, John Calvin became famous for teaching the doctrine of predestination. According to several historical accounts, Calvin murdered people who refused to believe in predestination and who refused to convert to Calvin’s brand of Christianity.

Today, following this example of Calvin, the CCK provoked one of its members to murder his wife for refusing to convert to his denomination. When considering these grisly actions, the fact that the CCK still claims to be orthodox is inexplicable. Instead of apologizing for their actions, they still call Shinchonji Church of Jesus a cult. Is the CCK different from those who killed Jesus and his disciples or from Calvin? Obeying God’s commands, Jesus commanded us to forgive, love, and bless others (Mt 5:44; Mt 18:21-35; Lk 6:28; Rom 12:14). He also commanded us to forgive our enemies (Lk 6:27-35), to feed them if they are hungry, and to walk with them two miles when they ask us to go one (Mt 5:41-42). Jesus also saved a person from death in Jn 11. If these are the commands of Jesus, what about murder, persecution, and the fabrication of lies (Mt 7:1-5; Jn 844)? Whose commands are these? Is the CCK implying that people who carry out their lives of faith based on the revealed word and on the Bible are heretics? Are they saying that those who break the commands of Jesus by murdering and persecuting others are actually orthodox? In fact, the number of Christians in Korea has dropped dramatically since the 1990s because of these vicious actions (i.e. murder, curses, lies, persecution, etc.).

We in Shinchonji Church of Jesus are pleading with everyone to keep the commands of Jesus along with us.

The CCK has appointed as a cult expert a pastor they once called a heretic. He came from a denomination that the CCK considers a cult and his academic background has not been verified. He has claimed without reason that the four living creatures mentioned in Revelation represent the four gospels. Figuratively speaking, by making claims like this he is sowing the seed of weeds.

Interestingly enough, although the CCK considers Shinchonji a cult, they have also appointed a former Shinchonji member as a cult expert. He was expelled from Shinchonji for claiming that we can attain salvation by eating and drinking the flesh and blood of the chairman of Shinchonji. He also claimed that we can only have our prayers answered when we pray in the name of the chairman. If these men have been appointed by the CCK, they must have the same image and likeness of the CCK? How can they walk on the same path unless they are united?

The Bible says that all of our deeds will be judged by the words of the Bible (Rv 20:12). The CCK has condemned Shinchonji Church of Jesus as a cult without any biblical basis. We, however, call the CCK a cult because their actions are not biblical.

Since the CCK appointed false pastors as cult experts and began conducting “cult education” seminars in the 1990s, roughly 3 million Christians have left their churches. It seems to us that the CCK should be considered responsible. We in Shinchonji Church of Jesus are living biblical lives of faith. We have mastered the Bible and carry out our lives of faith based on the teachings of the revealed word. Therefore, we can explain the Bible clearly according to the 5Ws and 1H. Many people have gathered with us in Shinchonji, and more are coming everyday. Those who have come to Shinchonji have eyes to see and ears to hear. They perceive clearly and know the difference between truth and lies. These believers have come to Shinchonji to carry out true lives of faith. You, too, can recognize the type of believers our members are just by reading their testimonies.

I pray that the CCK attains salvation by repenting and realizing that the only path to life is to learn Shinchonji’s revealed word that is able to explain the Bible clearly according to the 5Ws and 1H.