Having the eyes and heart to understand the Bible

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Adam was created by God (Gn 1:26-27; Gn 2:7). Noah was chosen by God (Gn 6:8-9). Abraham was chosen by God (Gn 12:1). Moses was chosen by God (Ex 3:4-10). Jesus, too, was chosen by God (Lk 9:35).

Apostle John, a servant at the time the prophecies are fulfilled, has been chosen by Jesus (Rv 1:17). If he keeps the covenant and overcomes according to prophecy, Apostle John sits with Jesus on his throne (Rv 3:21). Apostle John also becomes the son who inherits everything (Rv 21:7).

In the time of the Old Testament, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the rest of the prophets were held captive in enemy nations. In the time of the first coming, too, Jesus was in Jerusalem where God’s tabernacle had been taken over by Satan’s Pharisees (Mt 23:2; Mt 23:33). In the same way, at the time of the second coming—at the end of the age—the child who rules all nations is in the tabernacle of the chosen people that is invaded by the group of the dragon (Rv 12:1-5).

When Apostle John is mentioned in Revelation, it refers figuratively to the person who is used as a servant when the prophecies are fulfilled (Hos 12:10). This Apostle John figure is the promised pastor in the time of the second coming and he is the child that rules all nations. He is the pastor of Shinchonji who has been chosen by Jesus. He has not learned the teachings of the world, nor has he learned any of his knowledge of the Bible from other men. He, too, was once among God’s people while they were in captivity. He was chosen from among those people, and he mastered the Bible by learning from the Holy Spirit. By overcoming, he became New Spiritual Israel and established the promised twelve tribes (Rv 12:11; Rv 7; Rv 14). He has accomplished, according to the Bible, things no one else could ever have accomplished.

Those who deceived and killed Adam, even though he was righteous, were the same as those who persecuted and killed Jesus. They were all children of Satan. Today, too, people who persecute the pastor chosen by God and Jesus are the same as these children of Satan from long ago. Instead of allowing their jealousy and hatred to condemn them to hell, the pastors of the world and their congregation members should come learn, understand, and verify that we speak the truth. They should enter heaven and receive its blessing, which is salvation. We are with God and we speak the word of truth. If you see and still do not understand, what else can I say?

Even though people who walk on this narrow path are persecuted because of their righteousness, we have hope. We have life and the kingdom of heaven. God, Jesus, and his angels are with us. This place, which has mastered the Bible, is Mt. Zion (Ez 8:3; Rv 14:1; Rv 15:2-5). It is the city of truth whose people joyfully return glory to God. This place is heaven on earth—Shinchonji—to which the spiritual heaven descends (Rv 21:1-7).

No matter how many people deny it, and no matter how much they persecute the harvesters, today is the time of harvest (Mt 13:30) and those who are harvested are blessed. God harvests his people to Shinchonji, which is Mt. Zion (Rv 14:1-5; Rv 14:14-16). Since the days of the churches have come to an end, it is time for the wheat to be harvested. Those who remain in their churches instead of being harvested will continue to wait in hope, but their hopes will never be fulfilled.

Believing in words that are spoken according to the Bible is believing in God and his promises. I pray that you will see and understand the Bible with spiritual eyes so you can receive salvation.