The secret of the fruit of the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

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Ref.: Gn 2:8-9

The Garden of Eden in Gn 2 symbolizes an organization (Is 2:2-3). All the different kinds of trees represent different people within that organization, and the two trees in the middle of the garden represent the physical embodiment of the holy spirit and the evil spirit, respectively. The fruit of each tree represent the words of each spirit (Jas 1:18). The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was good but became evil. He was one of the four archangels or living creatures, but he betrayed God when he wanted to become like God (Ez 28:1-7).

Now, let’s understand the relationships between the seeds, the trees, and their fruit. Seeds that are sown grow into trees that can bear fruit. When a tree has grown, birds come and perch in its branches (Mt 13:31-32). There are more seeds within each fruit, and if these seeds are sown again, they will grow to become trees. The bird that perches in each tree symbolizes a spirit. The type of tree determines whether the bird of the holy spirit comes or the bird of the evil spirit comes to rest there. Since Jesus was the true vine, the bird of the holy spirit descended on him (Mt 3:16). His disciples became branches of Jesus’ vine (Jn 15:1-8), which then bore twelve kinds of fruits. Thus, Jesus was the tree of the holy spirit. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, on the other hand, was also symbolized by a tree with branches and fruit. Birds came to his branches, and the beasts of the field took shelter under his tree (Dn 4:20-25). This is why King Nebuchadnezzar was a tree of the evil spirit.

Since two types of seeds were sown (Jer 31:27), two types of trees and fruit must come to exist. The seed is a metaphor for the word (Lk 8:11). The two types of seeds that were sown refer to the truth of the holy spirit and the lies of the evil spirit, respectively. The firstfruit born of the truth become the children of God, but the fruit born of the lies become the children of the devil (Mt 13:37-39; 1 Jn 3:8-10).

Now, let’s examine the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil more closely. After creating all things (Gn 1:1), God rested on the seventh day (Gn 2:1-2). God created man and woman in his image (Gn 1:26-27) and gave them everything he had created. God wanted them to rule over everything and serve him as their creator. The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil both existed in the middle of the Garden of Eden that God created (Gn 2:8-9). God warned Adam that if he ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he would surely die (Gn 2:17). If Adam ate the fruit of the tree of life, on the other hand, he would live forever (Gn 3:22).

What is the tree of life and what is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Where are they and why were they created? Where is the Garden of Eden? Are the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil still in the Garden of Eden? Even if we were eating the fruit of these two trees, would we realize it? Why is that no one, including believers, has understood the meaning of these two trees? Were we not allowed to understand?

Despite the fact that God chose and sent Noah, Moses, and Jesus, they did not shed light on the meaning of the trees clearly. Why did God allow the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which brings death if eaten, to grow here on earth? What about the serpent that deceived people into eating the fruit that led to death? Why did God create that serpent (i.e. the devil, Satan, the dragon)(Rv 12:9; Rv 20:2)?

Death entered humanity (Gn 3:1-6) because the serpent, which was a creation of God, tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is why God, who is the source of true light and life, had to leave humanity (Gn 6:1-3). Since God left his people, death has reigned over us for 6,000 years (Rom 5:12-21). Death could not be overcome by anything or anyone in the world. Not even people with great authority and riches have been able to avoid aging, illness, and death. People lived their lives as empty dreams without hope (Ps 103:15; Ecc 1:2-11; Ecc 2:22-23). Today, many believers hope for eternal life and heaven without even understanding the difference between these two trees. They even claim to have already received salvation and the holy spirit. I strongly urge people to understand these two trees.

When Jesus came into the world 2,000 years ago, he told his disciples, “I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now,” (Jn 16:12). After his ascension, he appeared again to Apostle John and had him record the tree of life in Rv 22. Apostle John, however, only saw and heard about the tree of life in a vision because it was something that would be fulfilled in the future.

Roughly 2,000 years have passed since the book of Revelation was written. Has the physical fulfillment of the tree of life appeared yet? What relationship is there between this tree and Jesus? Will we still have eternal life if we simply believe in Jesus without eating from the fruit of the tree of life? Why did God allow these two trees to grow? Since it has made us suffer so much, why hasn’t he revealed to us the physical reality of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Even though many believers have prayed sincerely to understand what these two trees really are, why hasn’t God even given us a hint of what the answer might be?

The tree of life John saw was the same as the tree mentioned in Ez 47:12. This tree grows from the water of life as clear as crystal, which flows from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the city street. This tree bears twelve kinds of new crops, and its leaves are used to heal all nations (Rv 22:1-2). Since humanity suffers so greatly from aging, illness and death, can’t you see that this tree is an absolute necessity? Its leaves are medication for the sick, and its fruit are the true food that grants eternal life. We must find this tree, and when we find it, we must be healed by its leaves and eat its fruit so we can live.

If we can attain eternal life through the tree of life, then we must follow the path of the word to understand and find it.

Proverbs 3:18 says, “[Wisdom] is like a tree of life to those who obtain her,” and Prv 16:22 says,“Insight is like a life-giving fountain.” Proverbs 13:14 says, “Instruction from the wise is like a life-giving fountain.” The tree and the fountain in these verses represent people. Jesus referred to himself as the way, the truth, and the life (Jn 14:6) and as the true vine that bears fruit (Jn 15:1-5). He also said that people can gain eternal life by eating his flesh (Jn 6:51-57). When these verses are taken together, it becomes clear that Jesus himself is the tree of life.

When the seed of life (Lk 8:11), which symbolizes the word of life (Jn 1:1-4), is sown in a person’s heart, it grows and becomes a tree of life. Its fruit are the fruit of the tree of life. If a bird, which represents the holy spirit, comes and perches in this tree, he or she becomes a person with the holy spirit. Since the holy spirit descended like a dove to Jesus’s tree (Mt 3:16; Jn 1:32), Jesus himself was the kingdom of heaven and the tree of life (Mt 13:31-32, 37). Thus, eating Jesus’ words was the same as eating the fruit of the tree of life. The same logic reveals why Jesus said what he said in John 6:35: “I am the bread of life. The one who comes to me will never go hungry, and the one who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

At the time of the second coming, which is the time of revelation, the holy city descends to earth on the kingdom of Shinchonji (Rv 21:1-2). The tree of life is located within that city (Rv 22:1-2).

The spirits in the holy city (i.e. the spiritual world) will marry the people of Shinchonji (Hos 2:19) and unite with them as one (Rv 20:4-6; Rv 21:1-6). Since Jesus is the tree of life, the tree of life returns when Jesus returns. When Jesus returns, he comes in the form of the holy spirit (Rv 1;7; Rv 2:18, 29; Rv 22:17) and dwells with the one who overcomes (Rv 3:12, 21). If Jesus dwells with the one who overcomes, then the one who overcomes becomes the tree of life, along with his disciples (i.e. the twelve tribe leaders). This is how the tree of life appears at the time of the second coming, which is the time of revelation (Rv 22:1-2). When the spirits of Jesus and his twelve disciples unite with the one who overcomes and his twelve disciples (Mt 19:28), it will be as if birds have come to perch in the trees of life. These trees of life will bear twelve kinds of crops every month. Those who are eager to find the tree of life must come to Shinchonji to see it.

Let’s carefully examine the process by which one becomes a tree of life and the evidence that proves a person to be the tree of life.

Both the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are metaphors; the trees represent God and the devil, respectively. Those with whom God dwells are trees of life, and those with whom the devil dwells are trees of the knowledge of good and evil. Jesus disclosed in parables the secrets of the kingdom of God, which had been hidden since the creation of the world (Mt 13:34-35). Jesus could only speak in parables because it was not yet the appointed time when he would speak plainly (Jn 16:25). Jesus speaks plainly in the time of the second coming when the prophecies of Revelation are fulfilled (Rv 21:6). Revelation only mentions the existence of the tree of life because the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is also referred to as Babylon (Dn 4:20), is destroyed and ceases to exist (Rv 17; Rv 18).

Proverbs 13:12 says that a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life. Proverbs 11:30 says that a person who receives wisdom is like a tree of life. Jesus fulfilled a longing by overcoming (Jn 16:33) and fulfilling the prophecies (Jn 19:30). In the same way, today’s promised pastor, the one who overcomes, becomes the tree of life by overcoming (Rv 2; Rv 3; Rv 12) and establishing the twelve tribes (Rv 7; Rv 21:6). The one who overcomes has mastered the Bible (Rv 10:8-11). He has been born of and has grown by the seed of life (the word). The spirit of the Lord has united with the one who overcomes according to the Bible (Rv 3:12, 21). This is what it means for the holy spirit to come (Mt 13:31-32). These explanations are the evidence that proves that the one who overcomes is the tree of life.

Anyone who wants to attain salvation must come to the tree of life that bears twelve kinds of crops every month. He or she must become one of the firstfruits of the tree of life. God gives birth to the firstfruits through the word of truth (Jas 1:18). The people who belong to the twelve tribes are sealed by God’s word of truth, and their membership in the twelve tribes is evidence that they are part of the firstfruits. These firstfruits of the tree of life learn the new song at Mt. Zion according to Rv 14.

Please come and verify whether our testimony is true! I sincerely pray that you will attain salvation by believing our testimony.