The beast with seven heads and ten horns that comes out of the sea


Ref: Rv 13; Rv 17; Prv 30:1-2; Mt 7:6; Phil 3:2; 2 Pt 2:22; Rv 22:15

What is the beast that receives his authority and throne from the dragon in Rv 13 and Rv 17? Who is the prostitute in Rv 17?

The correct answer: Both refer to false pastors who belong to the earth and the dragon (i.e. the devil).

The whole religious world became a possession of the devilin the time of Moses, at the time of the first coming, and at the time of the second coming just as recorded in Mt 4 and Rev 18.  The devil is the one who destroyed the congregation members of God’s tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands that prepared the way (Jn 5:35; Mt 11:12-14; Rv 1:19-20). The work of the lampstands (Ps 119:105) began before the appearance of the Lord because people’s spirits were darkened—they lacked the light of the word (Jn 1:1-4). The one who served as the lampstand was appointed to shine the light on the path for the Lord and to guide the Lord to the house of his brides (Jn 1:23). This work of the lampstands was a trap designed by God to trick the devil into appearing at a specific time and place (Jer 50:24).

The characters of the prophecies in Rv 13 and Rv 17 reveal their identity by appearing and acting according to the prophecies. After the beast comes out of the sea, which represents the world, he enters the tabernacle of heaven. This beast represents the false pastors of the dragon. The false pastors are symbolized by a beast because they have as much knowledge of the only true God and his word as beasts do. The figurative meaning of beasts is made clear in Prv 30:2-3. No one should give pearls to beasts like dogs and pigs because they have no idea how precious pearls actually are. You can ask them whether they know God and his word, but they will pretend not to have heard anything. They act this way because they do not have the slightest clue about God or his word. How can they do anything different?

The prostitute, who rides on the beast with seven heads and ten horns, received authority was ordained as a pastor in the names of God and of Jesus, our true groom. Despite the honorable position she obtained using the names of God and Jesus, she married the devil (Rv 18:23) just like Adam and Eve. This is why this false pastor is called a prostitute. By receiving the seed of the devil (the weeds), she gave birth to spiritual children. Her children are as numerous as the sand on the seashore, so it is not an overstatement to say that all nations have been deceived and have become as dark as the darkest night. All the promises in Rv 2 and 3 will be fulfilled through the one who overcomes this beast. We in SCJ have fought and overcome the beast and are testifying about the physical fulfillment of the beast according to what we have seen and heard. Please come and see!