The new work: A woman surrounding a man


Main reference: Jer 31:22

When is the new work—a woman surrounding a man—accomplished? What are the outcome of the creation of this new work?

God created a new work through Noah (Gn 8-9)—Adam’s ninth descendant—after judging Adam’s world that had become corrupt (Gn 7). Noah’s world, too, later sinned against God, and God chose Abraham to judge Noah’s world (Gn 11). God prophesied through Abraham—the tenth descendant of Noah—that Abraham’s descendants would be delivered after four generations of slavery under a gentile nation and that they would conquer the land of Canaan (Gn 15). This prophecy was indeed fulfilled through Moses (Ex 3; Ex 12).

After making and keeping all these promises, God prophesied about the new work through Jeremiah (Jer 31:22). This new work is not the same work that God carried out with the Physical Israelites from the time of Adam until the time of Jesus’ first coming.

The Physical Israelites failed to keep their covenant with God in each and every generation. As a result of their unfaithfulness, God brought Physical Israel to an end and created Spiritual Israel in its place (Jer 31:31-32; Lk 16:16; Jn 1:11-13). The “woman surrounding a man” refers to Mary embracing her son Jesus (Mt 1:21-23). Jesus was God’s son born of the seed of God’s holy spirit, not of physical seed (Lk 1:26-35). This is what made the creation of Spiritual Israel possible. Only those born again of the water (the seed of the word) and the holy spirit (Jn 3:5-7) were able to become God’s chosen people in the nation of Spiritual Israel. This was the secret of the kingdom of heaven in Mt 13. God gave Jesus the spiritual seed, which symbolizes the word of God. Only those who received this seed from Jesus became God’s sons (Mt 13:37-38), the Spiritual Israelites. The fruit that grows from this seed will be harvested from the field where the seed was sown (Mt 13:30; Rv 14:14-16). God’s spiritual twelve tribes (Rv 7; Rv 14) will be created through these fruit that are harvested at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment.

God’s prophecies in Jer 31 were fulfilled when Spiritual Israel was created through Jesus. The seed that the Spiritual Israelites received has been growing, and the fruit it produces are harvested to create New Spiritual Israel at the time of the second coming. Thus, the prophecies that God made through Jeremiah—the new work (Jer 31:22), sowing the two kinds of seeds (Jer 31:27), and the new covenant (Jer 31:31)—will be completely fulfilled at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment.

We in Shinchonji have been testifying about the revealed word from God and the physical fulfillment of the New Testament, which we have witnessed with our eyes and ears (Rv 1:2; Rv 22:16). To all who eagerly await the fulfillment of the New Testament! We sincerely pray that you will confirm‍ and believe in what we are testifying and that, in doing so, you will obtain salvation.