Shinchonji-Those who are sealed—the 144,000 and the great multitude in white robes


References: Rv 7; Rv 1:6; Rv 5:9-10; Ex 19:5-6; Rv 14:1-6; Jer 31:31-32

The 144,000 of those who were sealed and the great multitude in white robes in Revelation chapter 7 and 14 are the priests and people of newly created kingdom after God’s chosen people—described as the sun, moon, and stars—are brought to an end because of their betrayal. Because the pastors and people of the previous generation are cast down from heaven to earth (Rv 6:12-14), they cannot be the pastors and people of the new kingdom of God. It is only those who are harvested from the previous generation who are sealed; it is only those who hear and acknowledge the new word (Jn 3:31-34) who can obtain salvation.

Approximately 2,600 years ago, God made a prophecy through Jeremiah that he would make a new covenant with his people (Jer 31:31-33). About 600 years after that prophecy was made, Jesus came into the world and established the new covenant with his disciples through his blood on the night of Passover (Mt 26:26-29; Lk 22:14-20). The new covenant requires us to put God’s laws (Jn 12:48) in our minds and engrave them on our hearts (Heb 8:10-13). God will be with those who keep the new covenant because their sins will be atoned. They will also become God’s kingdom and priests (Rv 1:5-6; Rv 5:9-10). The number, 144,000, is a literal number. They are the good grains that are harvested from the field where the seed was sown. The 144,000 are those who are harvested and sealed by believing in the revealed word (Mt 13:24-30).

God’s kingdom will be established on earth just as it is in heaven (Mt 6:10). Just as Moses built a tabernacle according to the pattern he saw from heaven (Ex 25), God’s kingdom (Rv 21), which is created at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, is comprised of the twelve tribes (Rv 7) according to the pattern in heaven (Rv 21:12). It is only those who strive to inscribe the revealed word of the new covenant (i. e. the New Testament) on their hearts—those who endeavor to become the word made flesh—that will become the new priests or pastors of God’s new generation (Hb 2:2; Heb 8:10). The pastors and people of the previous generation do not have the seed of God’s word (Lk 8:11; 1 Pt 1:23) or the holy spirit. This is why these people cannot become the priests of God’s kingdom, nor can they become the people of heaven.

Only new creations who are born again of the water (the word) and the holy spirit are God’s children (Jn 3:5-7; 2 Cor 5:17). They are the family of God and the people of heaven. The 144,000 priests and the great multitude in white robes are God’s people of heaven because their sins are atoned by Jesus’ blood of the new covenant (Rv 5:9-10; Rv 7:9-17).

Although the promise God made at the time of Moses that He would create his kingdom—its priests and people failed (Ex 19:5-6) because the chosen people broke it (Jer 31:32), this work of creation, however, will be realized in the time of Revelation’s fulfillment. Those who keep the new covenant become God’s kingdom, his priests, and people of heaven.

Anyone who receives and believes in the physical fulfillment of Revelation and the revealed word from the one who overcomes will be blessed by becoming God’s kingdom, priests, and people. Having received the revealed word, we in Shinchonji Church of Jesus are testifying about the physical fulfillment of Revelation.