Meaning and significance of Shinchonji’s Foundation day

◊ The Chairman’s life-giving quotes ◊

  • Today, we must know “who are we according to the Bible” and do the things that God wants us to do.
  • How grateful must we be to God for allowing us, who are unworthy men, to obtain glory (along with God).  Despite what the people of the world do, let us believe in God, and be those who return glory and thanks to God forever and ever.
  • An unattractive person like me (the chairman) manages to go everywhere and proclaim, so there is no reason that you cannot. We must be different from the people of the world. Do not be like the wife of Lot, who looked back at the world and became a pillar of salt, instead, let all of us keep going forwards without ceasing.

Weekly topic: Meaning and significance of Shinchonji’s Foundation day.

The Chairman’s words spoken on March 13 (Sun) at the Shinchonji Foundation day Anniversary service.

1. The work of restoration of God’s kingdom from the time of Adam to Jesus’ first coming

God, who created heaven and earth and all creation, had to leave the earth because Adam and Eve, whom God created, betrayed God after being deceived by the serpent. Since then, Satan has taken possession of all of God’s creation. After this, life and blessings left, and death reigned, because Satan was reigning in the world.

When the Lord saw how great the wickedness of Adam’s world had become, God chose Noah and ended Adam’s world. After this, Noah’s world also came to an end when they committed sin. God then promised to Abraham what would take place in the future (Gen 15), and He fulfilled that promise through Moses. As promised, Moses lead the physical Israelites out of Egypt, and they entered the Promised Land (the land of Canaan) being lead by Joshua (Ex 12:37-41). However, the physical Israelites of Moses’ time forsook the covenant with God (Ex 19:5-6) and served gentile gods. As a result, the nation was divided into North and South, the 11 tribes of the North were destroyed by a gentile nation, and Judah, the tribe of the South was also destroyed by a gentile nation (1king 11:6-13, Isa 1).

Because all the people who were born of the sinful gene of Adam betrayed at the end, God promised through the prophet Jeremiah that He would do a new work, sow two kinds of seed, and establish a new covenant. Jesus came and fulfilled all of these promises at the time of his first coming (Jer 31:22, 27, 31, Mt 1:18-21, Mt 13:24-30, Lk 22:14-20).

2. The work of restoration of God’s kingdom from the time of Jesus’ first coming until today

Jesus came according to the scriptures, and fulfilled according to the scriptures (1Co 15:3-4), and he also prophesied about the future (Mt 13:30, Mt 26:26-29). This means Jesus came according to the Old Testament prophecies and has sown the good seed (gospel of heaven) in his field (church of Jesus), while Satan has sown the weeds among the wheat. These two kinds of seeds have been growing for the last 2,000 years (Mt 13:24-25). Jesus also prophesied that he would return at the end of the age to harvest the seed that he had sown (Mt 13:30, 39-40). The time of the end refers to the end of the time of sowing, that is the time when the gospel of heaven has been preached to the whole world (Mt 24:14). In other words, it is the end times of the churches of Jesus. At the time of the end of the age, the time of the harvest, which is today, all nations (the religious world) have drunk the maddening wine of adulteries, have fallen, and have became the possession of Satan (Mt 13:24-25, Rev 17:2, Rev18:3).

At this time, God creates His kingdom of priests and His nation through the saints who are like the good grain, those who have been sealed through the word of truth, and have had their sins atoned for by the blood of Jesus (Rev 1:5-6, James 1:18, Rev 5:9-10). After this, the great multitude that no one can count will come (Rev 7:9-14). These are the 12 tribes gathered at Mt Zion, Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rev 7, 14, Rev 15:4-5, Rev 21:1-2). This is how God and Jesus have accomplished the throne, the dwelling place, on this earth as promised according to the New Testament, and this is the kingdom of God established here on earth as it is in heaven (Mt 6:10, John 14:2-3, Rev 21:1-2). The creation of the promised kingdom according to the will and purpose of God is the meaning and significance of Shinchonji’s Foundation day.

3. The mission of the people of Shinchonji, who have become the citizens of God’s kingdom

Just as Jesus and his disciples undergone all sorts of hardships in order to achieve God’s will, today Shinchonji has also gone through all kinds of hardships, having to climb mountains and go through valleys (to worship) in order to achieve God’s will, in spite of all kinds of persecution we and have come a long way to reach where we are today. Although pastors of the pre-existing churches bind up their congregation members with lies to prevent them from going to the dwelling place of God (Mt 13:30, Mt 23:13), believers like the good grains recognize the voice of their shepherd and come to him. In the same way, these pastors and all believers must discern after hearing the voice of God and come to the truth. This is the only way to become the people of Shinchonji, the kingdom of God (Jn 10:1-5, 1Jn 4:5-6).

We must know how God has been working in the past, furthermore, we must realize today’s reality, the basis of Shinchonji’s creation, the kingdom of God, and the meaning of Foundation Day. Also we, Shinchonji people, who are the leaves of the tree of life (Rev 22:1-2), must proclaim the perfect truth to the whole world, so that all nations will hear this word and come to receive salvation.  Just as Jesus proclaimed the gospel of heaven here on earth and is now preaching the gospel of heaven to the spirits in prison (1Pe 3:18-19), we, too, should seal the word of God day and night, meditate on it, and preach. Let us endeavor to do our best for the completion of the kingdom of God.

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