Shinchonji-The qualifications to become a family of Shinchonji Church of Jesus—the kingdom of God


If you want to become a family of the twelve tribes of Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ)—God’s kingdom here on Earth—you must be born again by sealing the revealed word of the New Testament in your mind and in your hearts (Jas 1:18, Rv 7:3-4). First, you must be evangelized with the revealed word and must carefully study the Bible. This step, the elementary level, is compared to drinking milk in Heb 5:13. When you are qualified, you will be given an interview at one of our mission centers. After passing the interview, you will progress through three different levels of Bible study (i.e. elementary, intermediate, and advanced), taking an exam before progressing to the next level. Each level lasts about two months, making the whole course of three levels last roughly six months. After this training course is complete there is a final exam of about 300 questions. You must receive a score of 90% or above to pass. Finally, after graduating from the mission center, you must pass a new comer’s orientation that lasts between one and two months in order to register as a member of SCJ.

Anyone who does not score 90% or above on their exam at the end of each level must retake the same level again. No one is allowed to advance to the next level without passing this exam. Although anyone can register as a member of regular churches, SCJ is very different. Only people who seal (Rv 7:4-8) the word of God in their hearts and minds in fulfillment of the new covenant (Heb 8:10) can be qualified as citizens of heaven. The pastors and congregations of regular churches do not have the word (Am 8:11-13). For this reason, God is re-creating the people of his kingdom with those who are born again.

As stated, SCJ graduates have all received 90% or better on a final exam consisting of 300 questions about the Bible. If the chairmen, pastors, theologians, and elders of the world’s denominations were to take this test, however, they would not even be capable of answering 20% of the questions correctly. It may seem outlandish, but this claim has actually been verified. If you think you can get over 90% of these Bible questions correct, please come to take the test. Who, according to the words of the new covenant (Heb 8:10), are true believer from God’s point of view? Without question, God will acknowledge SCJ mission center graduates as true believers. SCJ people want God more than power or money.

Today, there is so much false information circulating in the Korean Christian world. Every day, however, there are more and more wise believers coming to learn the revealed word of the Bible in SCJ. We are busily holding graduation ceremonies every week. This is evidence that the one true God and his faithful followers are siding with SCJ.