Shinchonji-Is Shinchonji Church of Jesus really a cult?


Why Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) is considered by so many to be a cult? Who is it that has passed such judgment on SCJ? Is it a group of people or is it the holy spirit that has determined that SCJ is a cult? What acts as a standard to distinguish cults?

Calling SCJ a cult is the same as calling the OT prophets, Jesus, and the 12 disciples heretics (Mt 8; Acts 24:1-5). Since people have been only taught according to the teachings of men, conflict arises when SCJ presents the revealed word of God from the Bible. The teachings of men are different than the revealed word of SCJ. This clash has driven people to call SCJ a cult.

SCJ was established in 1984 in South Korea according to biblical prophecy. Ever since SCJ was founded and began preaching the revealed word of God, thousands of Korean Christians have been flocking to SCJ. This migration of Korean Christians to SCJ threatened the livelihood of Korean pastors. Many of these pastors decided to hold several meetings to find a way to deal with this situation. The strategy they designed to maintain their congregation members included labeling SCJ a cult. Similarly, the priests of the time of the first coming refused to go to Jesus themselves and blocked their congregation members from going as well (Mt 23:13). They falsely accused the OT prophets, Jesus, and the 12 disciples of being heretics and eventually killed them. Today, too, one SCJ member was falsely accused of being a heretic and was even persecuted to the point of death.

Jesus stated in Jn 16, “They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.” This very word from Jesus was fulfilled in Calvin’s time, and it is also being fulfilled today. It is not God, but it is today’s pastors who have determined to label SCJ a cult. Didn’t Protestants label Catholics as heretics for a while when Protestantism emerged from Catholicism? In the same way today, those same people are persecuting SCJ as a cult even though it is actually the kingdom of God promised in the Bible. It seems as if these people were born to persecute and curse others; it seems as if the only word they know is “cult.” This is a disease that cannot even be cured by God’s word, which is spiritual healing medicine for us. The only thing these people are enthusiastic about is posting slanderous words against SCJ on the Internet day and night. Is it even worth talking to this kind of people?

Several years ago, I asked several pastors who were persecuting SCJ roughly 40 biblical questions, but I still have not received any responses. If they cannot answer my questions, how can they teach their congregation members? SCJ has the pastor promised in the Bible (Jn 14; Rv 10). SCJ’s name was also prophesied in the Bible (2 Pt 3:13; Rv 15:5; Rv 21:1). SCJ has been fulfilling the Bible and acting upon the word (Rv 1-22). We have also mastered the Bible and have been teaching people the revealed word of heaven (1 Cor 2:10; Rv 10). Come and see for yourself! Where else in the world has the Bible been mastered?

Why are people persecuting SCJ without knowing the meaning of the Bible? No one who adds to or subtracts from the book (the Bible) will be allowed to enter heaven. Instead he or she will receive the plagues recorded in the Bible (Rv 22:18-19). Have you ever received Jesus’ testimony from the messenger of the Lord in Rv 22:16? Today’s pastors have not received any testimonies, nor have they learned righteousness. Aren’t their congregation members doing exactly the same slanderous work and speaking the same kinds of evil words against SCJ as the pastors who have taught them? Haven’t the insulting words people have posted on the Internet revealed their true nature?

The scriptures say that a good man speaks what is good out of the good stored up inside him, but an evil man speaks what is evil out of the evil stored up inside him (Mt 12:33-37). Today is like the time of Noah, the time of Lot, and the time of the first coming of Jesus (Rv 11:8). The wicked cannot attain salvation; only those who have good and noble hearts will attain salvation. Please read Mt 5:10-12. The persecuted will be saved, and the persecutors will be condemned and thrown into hell. Please read Jn 15:18-24. People are persecuted because they belong to heaven. Anyone who drives out the one who has received God’s word and kills him belongs to Satan. This act of murder must appear according to the Lord’s prophecies.

We do not belong to the Presbyterian Church of Calvin, who famously murdered those who disagreed with them. We belong to the Church of Jesus. Why are people telling lies and calling SCJ the “Church of Lee Manhee”? Please take a closer look at our official name. Isn’t it Shinchonji Church of Jesus? From God’s point of view, the true heretics are those who in their zeal to persecute SCJ have actually beaten people to death. In spite of their cruel actions, we still follow Stephen’s example by praying for them (Acts 7:59-60).