Shinchonji-Religion and our life of faith


This message was written to promote correct knowledge of the Bible and a proper life of faith for all believers.

Religion is the will of God, and God is the source of religion. We must live spiritual lives by receiving God’s teachings, believing in them, and acting upon them. Because religion is the teaching of God, not of the world, it is superior to all other teachings. Those who are inspired by the holy spirit and who have ears to hear will hear the words of the spirit.

  • The meaning of religion

Religion, Jong-kyo in Korean means best teaching. It teaches what is seen in heaven. The source of true religion is God, because he created it. Those who claim that a mere man is the owner of a church are usually the ones who persecute new religious groups by calling them cults. In fact, these are the true heretics because they make false claims about the owner of the church. Jesus said that he was the way, and the truth, and the life, and that no one could come to the Father except through him (Jn 14:6). God’s son, Jesus, obeyed the Father to the point of death (Heb 5:8-9). By giving up his life with the shedding of his blood, Jesus atoned for the sins of the world that kept us separated from God and made us hostile toward him. Because our sins have been atoned, we are now able to unite with God as one (Eph 1:7; Eph 2:14-16). Jesus was devoted and faithful son to the Father and the savior of our lives. We must unite with Jesus and do our best filial duty to God just like him. We must help all of humanity to unite with our heavenly Father through the incredible gift of Jesus’ blood. We must also lead everyone who will listen to the Father and to Jesus by becoming the way, the truth, and the life ourselves.

In the world, it is the law that determines right from wrong. Criminals who break the law are punished according to the applicable laws. In the religious world, however, God is good and Satan is evil. Just like physical criminals in the world, Satan has been causing problems in the world of religion. In the end, however, Satan will be judged for his crimes according to the Bible, the law of heaven (Jn 12:48; Rv 20:12). God, who is good, commands us to forgive, love, and bless others (Mt 18). Satan, in contrast, curses, lies, persecutes, criticizes, judges, and murders others (Mt 5:10-11; Mt 7:1-5; Gal 4:29). If trees are recognized by their fruit (Mt 12:33; Lk 6:44), we can recognize peoples’ posts on the Internet by their content. It is easy to distinguish which of them are biblical and which are unrighteous lies. In addition, when wickedness is witnessed, anyone who fails to speak out to reveal it is wicked him- or herself.

Those who belong to God preach the word of the truth; those who belong to Satan pour out curses without knowing the word. Which side do you think is righteous from a biblical perspective? Just as there are laws in the world, there are laws in the kingdom of heaven (Heb 8:10; Jn 12:48). Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the 12 tribes of God’s kingdom and priests, are not considered a cult from God’s point of view. Having received the revealed word, we are the true orthodox according to the Bible.

Questions for Protestantism:

If your actions, the titles of your denominations, and the content of your doctrines, commentaries, interpretations, and slanderous posts on the Internet are carefully examined, aren’t you the true heretics? Is the name of your denomination promised in the Bible? If so, where? Where in the Bible does it say that we should persecute, curse, and deceive others?

The New Testament promises the one who overcomes, and reveals that those who learn from him will also overcome (Rv 2-3; Rv 12; Rv 15). There is only one promised temple where all nations must come to worship (Rv 15:4-5), and there is only one place where the 12 tribes are gathered (Rv 7). The good grains are collected to only one place after being harvested (Rv 14). The churches of the world are not the place where these good grains are gathered; they are simply the fields where Jesus’ seed was sown. Only the wheat-like believers will be harvested from the churches in the world.

Abandoning a proper life of faith, a group from Satan has been trying to destroy Shinchonji by posting thousands of disparaging and defamatory messages on the Internet. The Korean National Assembly should make such verbal abuse illegal. An unimaginable number of lies about Shinchonji have been post on the Internet. Despite the fact that we hold to the truth and the revealed teaching from heaven, we in Shinchonji are the most intensely persecuted in the 6,000 years of biblical history. It is not the Christians who have proper faith that are persecuting us—it is the servants of Satan (i.e. the antichrists). Of course, those fail to act according to the Bible have always persecuted those who do, but now their actions have grown even more unreasonable.

Biased and distorted actions

All Christians are one in Christ (Rom 12:5). Anyone who is biased against others and persecutes them just because they belong to a different denomination promotes division among believers. There are several pastors performing conversion education to bring Christians from other churches into their own churches. How can they call this conversion education? Their explanation for performing this conversion education is nothing but a lie! The term conversion should be used when a person converts to Christianity from another religion, such as Buddhism. How can we call moving from one church to another conversion?

Some Christian pastors have been falsely proclaiming that Shinchonji is a cult in order to bring Shinchonji believers back to their own churches. By creating strife within families these pastors deceptively direct parents to assault and forcibly confine their own children. These crimes have created monumental family quarrels and have even caused several young people to abandon their homes. Although these pastors should be held responsible for all the consequences of their actions, they continue to persecute us in an attempt to lay the blame at our feet. The Korean media has aired a program biased against Shinchonji that included lies about these incidents. For whom do you think these broadcasts were created?

Please consider the reality of the religious world in Korea. If a man shaves his head and decides to live as a monk in a Buddhist temple, would you claim that he has run away from home and abandoned his parents? What about Catholic believers who, out of their longing to be with the Lord, leave their homes to live in a monastery or nunnery? Would you say that these people have also run away from home? There is a particular broadcasting company in Korea that has ignored the laws of the world as well as the laws of heaven. They have united with the conversion education pastors and aired a program full of lies about Shinchonji. Isn’t this a sin against this world and against the religion? Is this religious freedom? Unfortunately, that broadcasting company has unwittingly aided God’s enemy.

If you are a true believer, please consider what has been fulfilled with spiritual eyes and ears using the Bible as a guide. Judge for yourself whether it is true. Anything that goes against the law should cease to exist; only the true law should be allowed to exist in the world. Please compare the revealed word of Shinchonji to the biblical commentaries of worldly pastors. Those who compare these teachings and realize where the truth lies will attain salvation.

Just as the Jews labeled Jesus a heretic at the time of the first coming, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) has been calling Shinchonji a cult today despite the fact that the establishment of Shinchonji is based according to the. I’d like to ask the CCK a few questions. The CCK once announced via the Christian press that they were established by a few Presbyterian churches to serve the political aspirations of Mr. Kim, a former Korean politician. If this is truly the story of how the CCK was established, is not the CCK an organization of worldly politics, not of Christianity?

The modern Presbyterian Church traces it origin to the Presbyterianism of John Calvin, who designed the church to be governed by a group of elders or presbyters. Who founded this church? Was it Jesus? Aren’t these elders the leaders of the Presbyterian Church? The nation of Israel was destroyed because Solomon worshipped gentile gods just like Adam and Eve (1 Kgs 11). In the same way, during the Japanese colonization of Korea, the Presbyterian Church allowed its congregation members to bow down to the Japanese emperor prior to beginning worship. This incident caused rift within the Presbyterian Church; many people broke away claiming that there was no salvation in the Presbyterianism. Later, this group created a new denomination in Korea called “Goshin.” Do you think there is salvation in the Presbyterian Church, which allowed its people to bow down to a gentile god? We know that the Presbyterian Church was founded by John Calvin, who was a murderer. The Church of Jesus is different from the Presbyterian Church. The Church of Jesus teaches the prophecies of the Bible, the physical fulfillment of those prophecies, and faith in both. The most basic doctrine of Calvinism, on the other hand, is predestination. Which is a cult? Who do you think is the leader of each group? The leader of Shinchonji Church of Jesus is Jesus. The leaders of the Presbyterian Church, however, are apparently, according to the name of their denomination, the elders or presbyters.

Shinchonji, which was created according to the Bible, has been fulfilling the prophecies of the Bible. We in Shinchonji also believe in and act according to the physical fulfillment of the prophecies. In spite of this, the Presbyterian Church calls us a cult. Why? In what kind of Bible does the Presbyterian Church believe? If they believed in the same Bible, would they be persecuting us now? Is there anyone in the CCK who truly understands the Bible? The scriptures strongly state that anyone who adds to or takes away from the Bible will be cursed and banned from entering heaven (Rv 22:18-19). Is there even one person who truly understands the meaning of Revelation in the Presbyterian Church?

Despite the intense persecution poured out on us by the Presbyterian Church, we still refuse to yield. We stand firm because we know the Presbyterian Church does not base its faith in Jesus on the Bible. Jesus, too, refused to succumb to the Jews and unite with them in spite of their harsh persecution of him.

We in Shinchonji Church of Jesus have mastered the book of Revelation. The Jews, who used to be the chosen people of God, murdered the prophets, Jesus, and Jesus’ disciples as heretics (Mt 23:34-35). The same spirits that were working through the Jews at the time of the first coming are still working today. These evil spirits have gone so far as murdering a Shinchonji member out of biblical ignorance. They do not even realize that Shinchonji has been created according to the promises of the Bible. We in Shinchonji, however, will forgive their sins according to the will of God. We love you and bless you. We also pray for you that you will understand the word of promise. We pray that by believing in it you too will be born again and obtain salvation.