Shinchonji-The revealed word and commentaries


Who teaches the revealed word and who teaches commentaries? How are they different from one another?

Apostle Paul abandoned the law and the knowledge of the world to preach the visions and revelation he received from Jesus (2 Cor 12:1; Gal 1:8-12). God opens his sealed scroll at the appointed time and gives it to his chosen pastor so that he can eat it. When he receives the revealed scroll from God and the command of where to go with that word, the chosen pastor preaches the revealed word to the people.

God opened the sealed scroll of the Old Testament at the appointed time (Is 29:9-13; Hb 2:2-3; Ez 1-3) and gave the revelation to Jesus (Mt 11:27). Jesus went and preached where he was sent according to the prophecy (Mt 15:24). The same strategy applies to the sealed scroll of the New Testament—the book of Revelation. Jesus opens the scroll (Rv 6; Rv 8) and gives it to his chosen pastor. The chosen pastor eats the scroll and is told to preach the revealed word to many peoples, nations, languages, and kings (Rv 10; Rv 1:2). This is the route of passage of God’s revelation. God opens the sealed scroll of the Bible at his appointed time, and he allows the chosen pastor to receive it and preach its content to the people. Only those who receive this revelation can know God and the one sent by God. Knowing the one true God and the one he has sent are the qualifications necessary to inherit eternal life (Mt 11:27; Jn 17:3).

Many theologians (e.g. Calvin) wrote biblical commentaries after having studied the scriptures on their own (Ez 13:1-3). All of these biblical commentaries are different because they represent the opinions of their authors. With these countless interpretations of the scriptures, which can we trust? Since there can only be one true meaning of the scriptures, the great variety of commentaries reveals their true nature. Biblical commentaries only confuse believers and lead them astray.

Calvin himself never made reference to the book of Revelation. Other theologians and pastors have boldly spoken out about Revelation, but all their interpretations differ wildly from one another. If biblical commentaries are not the revealed word from heaven, aren’t they nothing but the false teachings of men? Aren’t they the weeds sown in the field of Christianity? If the Bible uses a tree to symbolize a person, isn’t a pastor who has seed of weeds the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Spiritually speaking, the words of that pastor are the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The bird that comes and perches in that tree is an evil spirit. This pastor, symbolized by the tree, becomes the bride of an evil spirit. If that is the case, then aren’t that pastor’s biblical interpretations, which originate from an evil spirit (the groom), really the wine of adultery. Whoever drinks the wine of adultery becomes a child of the devil. Their own spirit simply dies. There is only one book of God that is revealed. The one book is given to one pastor, and that one pastor preaches its content (Rv 1:2; Rv 10; Rv 22:16). Can you still choose the commentaries of men over the revealed word of God? Believers must judge for themselves.

A man named Shin, who used to be a member of Shinchonji Church of Jesus (SCJ), chose the wrong path out of his lust for power and authority (Jas 1:15). He wanted to take over SCJ after getting rid of our chairman. He claimed that SCJ people should eat the flesh and drink the blood of the SCJ chairman to have salvation. He claimed that we should pray in the name of the SCJ chairman for our prayers to be answered. Mr. Shin even suggested these things directly to the chairman, but when the chairman rebuked him he formed his own sect through a coup d´etat.

As a result of these actions, Mr. Shin was expelled from SCJ. SCJ has established precise regulations about maintaining its finances in a righteous way. All bank accounts must be created under the name of SCJ Church of Jesus, not under the name of an individual. In spite of this rule, Mr. Shin had created bank accounts under his own name. In addition, Mr. Shin’s sermons were based mainly on biblical commentaries instead of the revealed word. He even encouraged other SCJ members to study the commentaries. SCJ educators teach only the Bible and the revealed word. SCJ sermons are based only on the Bible, not on biblical commentaries. Mr. Shin acted this way in full knowledge that biblical commentaries are prohibited in SCJ. Can we say that his life of faith was carried out according to the will of God?

These days, Mr. Shin is conducting seminars with the pastor responsible for the infamous conversion education program. He has been speaking about the commentaries in those seminars as well. Do you think the people who listen to his seminars, who drink that kind of wine, can have salvation?

It is only when Christians believe in and act upon the revealed word from heaven instead of the commentaries, that they can enter their hope. We in SCJ sincerely pray for all of you.