Shinchonji-The true meaning of revelation and faith in its physical fulfillment


The following was written to promote proper knowledge of the word and a proper life of faith for all believers.

Through statements in religious newspapers, several Korean pastors have been urging Christians to know the book of Revelation. After reading these statements, we’d like to ask the Christian Council of Korea – its theologians and pastors claiming Christians should know the book of Revelation: “Do you know the true meaning of Revelation and its physical fulfillment?” They should be more explicit as to whether they know Revelation or whether they simply want to know it. In their newspaper statements, they seem to be claiming to know Revelation. If so, we’d like to ask them a few questions about Revelation. If they are willing, we’d also like to make the discussion public.

Pastors at the time of Jesus’ first coming prevented their congregation members from going to Jesus to hear the revealed word and refused to go themselves (Matt 23:13). What do you think the pastors living at the time of the second coming are doing? If the holy spirit were working within the pastors of this generation, they would act differently than the pastors of the time of the first coming. If today’s pastors, however, have united with evil spirits, then they would obviously be doing the same evil work the pastors at of the time of the first coming did. We in Shinchonji have witnessed and are testifying about their evil deeds. The pastors at the first coming murdered Jesus because they wanted to keep the vineyard (i.e. the church) for themselves instead of relinquishing it to Jesus, who was the true heir (Lk 20:9-15).

True believers must speak the truth with humility.

1. The revelation of the OT and its fulfillment at the time of Jesus’ first coming

According to several prophecies (Isa 29:9-14; Hab 2:2-3; Eze 1-3), the pastors living in the time of the Old Testament’s fulfillment (i.e. Jesus’ first coming) were stunned. They were so drunk that they staggered. They were asleep and their eyes and heads were covered. In other words, no matter how much time they spent reading them, they were unable to understand the words of the prophecies. The prophecies were nothing but a sealed scroll to them. Neither the pastors nor their congregation members could understand them. Without understanding the sealed scroll, they could preach only the teachings of men. Because they were only taught the teachings of men, even though they drew near to God with their lips, they were nothing but gentiles with hearts far from God.

The sealed scroll of God was only revealed and given to Jesus (the son of man) to eat according to the prophecies of Isaiah, Habakkuk, Ezekiel, etc. After receiving the revealed word, Jesus went to the rebellious house of Israel to preach that message according to God’s command (Matt 15:24). The sealed scroll had an appointed time at which it had to be revealed (Hab 2:3). When that time came, it was only revealed to one person – Jesus (Matt 11:27). In the same way, the prophetic words of the New Testament also had an appointed time of revelation. Today, they have been revealed and granted to just one person. Having received the revealed word, that person has also been commanded to preach the revealed word (Rev 10). In fact, the New Testament was given to us so that we can discover the one who receives the revealed word.

2. The revelation of the New Testament at the time of Jesus’ second coming

The book of Revelation has its own appointed time of fulfillment. At that time, its prophecies will act as evidence to confirm‍ their own physical fulfillment. Because Revelation was recorded in figurative language, pastors cannot understand it no matter how many times they read it (Isa 29). Thus, Revelation is a sealed scroll to them. According to Rev 5, the book that records God’s plans is sealed with seven seals, and no one in heaven, or on earth, or under the earth can read or look inside it. Who, then, can open this scroll? When and where will this scroll be opened? Who will deliver the contents of this book when they are revealed?

Let us find the answer in the Bible. In the first coming of Jesus, God came to people while they were in exile under a gentile nation just as Ezekiel had prophesied. God opened the sealed scroll, gave it to the son of man to eat, and told him preach the revealed word (Eze 2-3). Today, it was when God’s spiritual chosen people were seized by gentiles (Rev 2-3), that God has come to Jesus and had him to open the sealed scroll from Rev 5. The opened scroll has been given to the chosen pastor to eat, and having eaten it, he has been proclaiming the revealed word to God’s people who are held captive by the gentiles (Rev 10). This is God’s will and his promise. There is only one God, one sealed scroll promised in the New Testament, one Jesus who breaks the seals, and one person who receives the open scroll.

Approximately 2,000 years ago, Apostle John saw and heard future events in a vision. He recorded his vision as the book of Revelation. The prophecies, which John saw in spirit, are physically fulfilled at their appointed time. Today – the time of fulfillment – the pastor promised in the New Testament has eaten the scroll and testified about the physical fulfillment (Rev 10) just as Jesus did at the first coming. Therefore, aside from the one who has received the scroll from heaven, no one can really understand its content or testify about it.

Anyone who wants to know God’s word of prophecy and its physical fulfillment should listen to the testimony of Shinchonji. Only by hearing it, can people truly understand the prophecies and their physical fulfillment. Aside from the one who overcomes – the promised pastor who has received the scroll and seen its physical fulfillment – anyone who preaches the book of Revelation acts contrary to God’s prophecy. There is no way that such a person’s explanation can be correct. I’d like to ask the pastors who have been speaking through the Christian newspapers about knowing the book of Revelation: “Do you truly understand Revelation yourself? If I ask you about the prophecies of Revelation, will you be able to answer my questions?” If those pastors do not know the true meaning of Revelation and how Revelation has been fulfilled, they are welcome to come to Shinchonji and learn. The intense persecution Shinchonji has been receiving – just as the apostles and prophets did – proves that Shinchonji holds the truth.

We in Shinchonji have mastered the Bible. Why do you resist believing our testimony? We have been testifying about the physical fulfillment of Revelation for quite awhile now. Because we have been testifying to its physical fulfillment, people are without excuse. Those who teach Revelation by adding to or take away from the book or giving testimonies about its fulfillment that do not match the prophecies are lying. Figuratively speaking, they are weeds and their words are the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Teaching those false testimonies about Revelation is the same as feeding people the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Why do those pastors act as if they have received the revealed word and have understood Revelation’s true meaning when they have never received nor understood anything? Contrary to what the evil ones have been saying, Jesus and the people of Shinchonji are not heretics. They are the true heretics. The people of Shinchonji are new creations, born again of the word. We are God’s creations; we are his kingdom and priests purchased by the blood of Jesus (Rev 1:5-6; Rev 5:9-10; Rev 20:6). People only fail to believe this when they lack faith and knowledge of the Bible. I sincerely pray that everyone will believe this testimony and obtain salvation.