Shinchonji-The evidence of Revelation, the book of prophecy

Coming to and working through Jesus according to prophecies, God completely fulfilled the promises he made in the Old Testament (Isa 29:9-14; Hab 2:2-3; Eze 1-3; Jn 19:30).

According to these reference scriptures, no one was able to know the word of revelation that God was going to fulfill. When God came to Jesus, the word that had been sealed became a revelation (Matt 15:24; Matt 11:27). Awhile after Jesus ascended to heaven, he returned to his disciple John to give him a revelation. For most people Revelation is the most mysterious book in the Bible. Pastors are always trying to research the meaning of the book of Revelation, but they always end up creating their own meaning, which they assume to be true. In spite of their attempts, however, all of their interpretations have proven to be false.

John did not go into exile on the island of Patmos after the events of Rev 1-3. The correct understanding of Rev 1-3 is that John received his revelation while in exile on the island of Patmos. The location of Rev 2 and 3 is the same location as the location of Rev 4-22.

Rev 5 says that no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open or even look inside the scroll sealed with seven seals that lay in God’s hand. Jesus became the only one who was able to break the seven seals because he was victorious. Jesus gave the opened scroll to an angel, and the angel gave it to Apostle John. Having eaten that scroll, John has been preaching the word to those whom he was commanded to go (Rev 10).

This was all part of the prophecy that had to be fulfilled, but now it is being fulfilled before our eyes. Anyone, except for the Apostle John-figure pastor, who claims to know and understand the prophecies of Revelation is lying and acting counter to God’s plan. There is only one pastor promised in the New Testament who has received the opened scroll; there is only one promised temple to which all nations must come and worship God (Rev 15:4-5). When Revelation is fulfilled, God’s promised kingdom and priests are the 12 tribes mentioned in Rev 7. These 12 tribes are created after the previous heaven comes to an end (Rev 6). The 144,000 are the priests, after the sealing of the 144,000, the great multitude in white robes also receive salvation as the people of the kingdom. They will return to God after hearing the word of revelation (i.e. the revealed word). When all of these events finally take place, all the entities prophesied in Revelation will have finally appeared. Anything and anybody not established through the blood of promise are false; they are anti-christs.

Any lawless organizations or actions that go against the word of God will be cursed (Isa 8:20-22). For this reason, we need to be on guard against such organizations and actions. People should come to Shinchonji seeking advice before deciding to promote such lawlessness. Since Shinchonji holds the revelation that has come from above, anyone who comes to Shinchonji seeking advice will be able to view him or herself according to the Bible and be able to understand the will of heaven. Anyone who is deceived by lies, plagiarizes the truth, or attempts to create the 12 tribes through their own power is nothing but an anti-christ. We should refrain from such lawless actions. Anyone who carries out the work of lawlessness will be judged according to the scriptures (Jn 12:48; Rev 20:12; Rev 22:18).