Shincheonji-The church is a place where it teaches the path to the God of Heaven

Religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism are similar in that they all attempt to teach the path to heaven. The way to heaven, however, is known only to the one who has been to and come back from heaven. Since the way to heaven is not the way of the world, it is not something that just anyone can know or teach. God sends a messenger in every generation to work on his behalf. A spirit is sent from heaven to earth to teach and lead God’s messenger. Since heaven is where God and God’s kingdom are, believers with their hopes set on heaven must find it no matter where it might be. Can a pastor who has never been to heaven lead anyone else there?

Jesus came from heaven, returned there, and he will come from heaven once again (Jn 3:34; Jn 14:1-3). When and where will he appear? If he appears today, will anyone be able to see him and believe in him? Speaking from one’s own wisdom, knowledge, judgment, and thoughts is like spitting in the ocean to try and raise the tide. Physical thoughts and knowledge are different from spiritual thoughts and knowledge. Until the revelation (Matt 11:27), mentioned in the OT (Isa 29:9-14; Hab 2:2-3; Eze 1; Eze 2; Eze 3), came, all the religious leaders of the time taught only the teachings of men. This is why no one could understand Jesus’ revelation (Matt 22:29).

Similarly, from the time of the first coming to now, when the revelation of the NT has come (Rev 5; Rev 6; Rev 8; Rev 10), all pastors have been preaching only the teachings of men. Today, every pastor has his own interpretation of Revelation that springs from his own mind. This proves that men’s teachings have been taught until today. Anyone who believes in the true faith, the true heaven, and true eternal life must acknowledge the Bible and its fulfillment. They must accept the true revelation that Shinchonji is testifying. Instead of slandering us and calling us a devil-worshiping demon-possessed cult, in the same way the prophets and apostles of the past were persecuted, all believers should truly repent of their biblical ignorance and other wrongdoings. Blaming and persecuting others without knowing the Bible’s true meaning will not take you to heaven or grant you eternal life. You cannot make your thoughts and opinions true just because you want them to be true. Even pastors and theologians must learn the things they do not know to be saved.

The Bible is the standard of our faith. Since Shinchonji alone teaches the word of revelation, even if people want to repent and base their faith on the Bible, their efforts are futile unless they go through Shinchonji. If Shinchonji approached people today the way Jesus did at the first coming, this generation would be in an uproar. Do you remember what Jesus said at the first coming? If you believe what he said, then you will find what Shinchonji says faultless. Persecuting someone or some group as a cult without any biblical basis reveals a deep spiritual problem only in the person who is doing the persecuting. Shinchonji is doing its best to proclaim the truth of the prophecies of the Bible and their fulfillment. Blessed are those who receive the word of revelation and the testimony, keep it, and reach salvation (Rev 1:1-3).