Shinchonji-Persecutors who curse others and the savior who blesses

The New Testament prophesied about the appearance of both persecutors who curse others and the savior who blesses. Just as the first coming fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies (Jn 19:30), these two groups will act according to the New Testament prophecies when the time of fulfillment comes. How, then, can we distinguish the persecutors from the savior? The Bible says in Matt 7:15-20 that we will be able to recognize them by their fruit (actions). Why do persecutors persecute and slander others (Matt 5:10-12; Matt 7:1-5)?

According to 2 Thes 2:9-10, people who have evil spirits inside them come displaying all kinds of counterfeit signs and miracles in accordance with the work of Satan. The one with the God’s holy spirit comes in accordance with righteousness and truth. If a person’s spirit is dead, he or she will be unable to understand.

God’s son Jesus testified about God, God’s word, heaven, and eternity (Jn 12:49-50). These are the kinds of things for which believers should hope (Jn 6:51-57; Jn 8:45-55; 1 Cor 15:51-54; Rev 21:1-6). In the time of the first coming, the Jews slandered Jesus by calling him a cult leader, Beelzebub, and demon-possessed just because he proclaimed the truth about heaven and eternity (Matt 12:22-28; Acts 24:5). Which spirits do you think were working through these people?

We must see God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit according to the Bible. In the scriptures, we can also see two witnesses who stand before the Lord of the earth (Zec 4; Rev 11) and a son who sits on the throne of Jesus (Rev 3:21). We must understand that this son is the one who overcomes. He is not God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. We must not misunderstand this point or else we will commit the sin of blasphemy against the Spirit.

A man named Mr. Shin has betrayed Shinchonji and united with the Christian Council of Korea. They are making up all kinds of lies to persecute Shinchonji chairman Lee. It is their wish to make the world see our chairman as a crazy person who thinks he is Jesus or the spirit of God. This all stems from their ignorance of the Bible. Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. Likewise, Jesus is also the founder of Shinchonji Church of Jesus. In spite of all our attempts to correct them, they continue to tell lies making Lee out to be the founder. CCK accepted Mr. Shin who was expelled from Shinchonji after saying that our congregation members can be saved by eating his flesh and drinking his blood and people must pray in the name of Lee. The fact that the CCK have appointed him and had him do seminar shows their lawlessness to making Lee as Jesus. These are all baseless lies.

Lots slanderous comments have been posted on the Internet. Who is doing such a thing? Where does the Bible say people should do this? The Bible tells us that those who lie belong to Satan and that we should not judge others (Matt 5:10-12; Matt 7:1-5; Jn 8:44). These slanderous comments, therefore, must have been made by those who belong to Satan. Jesus commanded us to love, forgive, and bless others. Is that what they are doing? They call themselves orthodox. They claim to be saved before the prophecies of betrayal, destruction and salvation are fulfilled. These are pure lies, but this is why Jesus prophesied that there would be lots of deception and many trials on the earth at the end of the age (Matt 24:3-4; Rev 3:10). The slanderous words that are posted on the Internet are lawless acts for which these people will be judged in the end. Believers should be able to discern whether these comments came from God or Satan by using the Bible as a standard. The pastors of the world fight against Shinchonji, not because it is a cult, but because do not want their congregation members to leave them and follow the real truth.

According to a poll conducted by the National Statistical Office of Korea, the number of Christians in Korea was estimated to be 8.6 million. This number reveals a dramatic decline when compared to the 12 million members about which Korean churches previously boasted. What do you think happened? The beginning of this decline can be traced back to the 90’s, when the Christian Council of Korea began to crack down on churches they felt were cults. They held seminars for pastors and lay people that were led by pastors who claimed to specialize in identifying cults. Many of the 3 million Christians who have left Presbyterian churches moved to Catholic churches. Others have come to Shinchonji, and still others have completely abandoned their religion. What is the root cause? The fact is that the bible colleges have no word; they have no truth.

We, at Shinchonji Church of Jesus, are enlightening people with the word of truth. We pray that you too will receive the truth and be saved.